Friday, August 22, 2014

Look what's coming

Hey look over there, right around the corner.

It's getting closer can you see it yet? Do you know what it is?

It's the weekend rolling in fast and that's got mom whistling a happy tune. Of course she still has to make it through today but we're thinking positive here and it's going to fly on by

Thursday, August 21, 2014

What would you think

I was looking out the back door one day to see if there were any bird on the feeder. At first I thought I must be seeing things

Was I really seeing an arm sticking up from the ground in my neighbors yard?

Why yes, that's exactly what I'm seeing.  This was part of the work done in our back yards to relieve the flooding problem we had for years. There is a grate in my neighbors yard for access to the pipe and there is also one in my yard. The one in my yard is round and thankfully it's of to the side and not right in the middleof my yard like this one is.

I'm not sure what he was doing down there but it made for kind of a creepy looking scene so I couldn't resist taking the pictures.

I'm happy to report that all this work paid off. We have not had one river running through our back yard this year. It's been wonderful. Of course we don't have much of a lawn but hopefully next year we will again. It took them forever to get back to put down grass seed because of all the rain we had earlier in the year. We have some grass now but it's not looking so good and we're most likely going to have to reseed. Then we also did an additional drain for the lowest part of the yard which is right by our basement door. That dug up some of the grass that started to grow. Oh well, a temporary inconvenience for a permanent solution

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A freebie

Years ago I had a swing. It had two padded seats with an arm rest in the center. After years of sitting in the sun the fabric was less than attractive and would fall apart just by touching it. The swing ended up in the trash but we kept the frame that it was hung on.
I've been wanting to buy a new swing for some time now but this time I wanted a wood one. It would be more durable and I could always add cushions for a little more comfort.
A couple weeks ago one of Wade's friends gave us an old wood swing. He had it in his shed and wanted to get rid of it and we were willing to help him out.

It can use a coat of paint and definitely some cushions but otherwise it's in pretty good shape. I'll be swinging again in no time.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How to build a better mouse trap

When you want to build a better mouse trap, what's the first thing you think it needs? Most people would say it needs to be more effective at catching mice.
I on the other hand don't need my mouse trap to catch mice. I need it to look cute, stick to my refrigerator and hold notes.

I started by taking them apart, discarding some of the pieces that weren't necessary for my purposes and giving them a coat of paint. Then I glued on scrapbook paper and assorted other doodads and put them back together. I finished them off with a magnet on the back.

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