Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pymatuning Lake Festival 2015

I don't have a whole lot to show you because honestly our items haven't really changed from last year. Let me just say it was a gorgeous weekend. We could not have asked for better weather. It was warm and sunny all weekend long and not one drop of rain. Temperatures were mid to high 80's.

Debbie and I have been wanting to get a picture of the two of us standing in our booth for a couple years now and we always forget. Sunday morning we finally remembered. We had Cindy, who was in the next booth take a picture for us.

Now we just need to get one where I don't look like a tubby midget with big arms and bad hair :) It was hot setting up and I forgot I had my hair clipped up. Oh well, that's me. Oh and I'm not wearing a black skirt those are capris.

And here's one of just the booth

What's that sign you ask? Well here let me give you a closer look. Isn't this awesome? Debbie had this made. We are officially Crow Cabin Creations. Debbie is the brains of the operation and I just make stuff.

Since neither one of us did much crafting over the past year we gave ourselves a little challenge. So that we will have new items for next year, each of us will pick one new thing to make each month. For the entire month we'll make as many of that item as we want or have time for. Hopefully it will get me more motivated the next twelve months to be creative.

Oh and you're probably wondering how I did sales wise. Well lets just say I won't be retiring any time soon but I didn't lose any money on the weekend. As far as I'm concerned, whether sales are good or bad, if I had fun it was a successful weekend and I did have fun.

Monday, August 3, 2015

I'm baaaaaaaaack

What a great weekend it was. I still have to weed through the pictures and get them ready for the blog but by tomorrow I should have that done.
Today will be unpacking and cleaning and a bit of resting up to go back to work tomorrow.

As soon as I have a few cups of coffee to get me going it's off to unpack the car and get busy putting things away. But first Gibbs says I need to toss the ball around.

Friday, July 31, 2015

By Request

I hadn't intended to skip a post yesterday but the night before time got away from me and before I knew it I was out of time.

Today is going to be a quick one and then I'm taking the weekend off. I'll be off doing the craft show and there just isn't going to be time for the computer. Unless by some miracle I manage to get a few scheduled but I don't hold much hope for that.

Any way, one of the girls at work asked me if I would make her a bookmark. She said she didn't care what I put on it she just wanted a bookmark. Yes, she could have just taken a piece of paper and shoved it in the book but when you have artsy craftsy friends you ask them to make you something.

I didn't know what to put on it so I went in search of a quote about books or reading. When I saw this quote I knew it was the one.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Gibbs Report

Hello my blogging peeps. What a special treat for you today to be able to see me. Mom seems to think I sound a bit conceited when I say that but I don't understand. The world really does revolve around me doesn't it?

So mom is in what she calls crunch time getting ready for the craft show. I don't know why she calls it that because she's not really doing anything that I can tell. Yes, she has been working on one new item but she must be making lots of mistakes because she keeps starting over and making another of the same thing.

She did manage to get a pretty darn good picture of me the other day. Do you not just love my beautiful brown eyes? Did you notice I've got mom on a leash? I had been doing really good in the house so she was giving me a little more freedom. Well I couldn't help myself and I peed on the floor. She got a little bit snarly so I had to put her on a leash to keep her under control.

I hope everyone has a wooftastic day and I'll see ya next time.
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