Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What I did with my day off

Oh what FUN I had yesterday. In case you missed it there was a bit of sarcasm in that first sentence.  It was rainy and gloomy and the kind of day I would have liked to have stayed in bed all morning.

But there was a bathroom that needed cleaned and there was a little fur ball that needed to go to the vet. Gibbs was due for a shot plus he also has been scratching at his ears a lot. As you'll see in his health report card he's got an ear infection in both ears. She asked if he had had a bath and gotten water in his ears which he hasn't so not sure how he got the infection but he's got drops now and hopefully the itching will stop soon.

I know I shouldn't compare but I have to say when I took Duke to the vet he was always so good, never made a fuss, never cried or even yelped when he got a shot. Now Gibbs on the other hand is major drama king.  This next picture was taken after we got home as proof that the vet did not murder him.

You would have though he was being brutally attacked when the poor girl tried to take his temperature. More crying and yelping followed when they were checking his ears and one last scream when he got the shot.
If that wasn't enough once we got home, heaven forbid anyone should so much as touch the spot where he got his shot. He retold the entire story of the torture he endured. Oh please, I'm the one who should have been crying since I had to pay the bill.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Looking back

Taking a look back....

One year ago around this time I was doing some crocheting and sewing

This year I haven't been doing any crafting.

Two years ago around this time Duke and I were snuggled in on the couch reading a good book

This year I do all my reading on the kindle and Gibbs can't sit still long enough to share a book. He does however like to chew the pages.

I've got a new schedule at work so I'm a little off right now. I'm working on Sundays and have Mondays off. This is going to take some getting used to

Friday, November 21, 2014

Shuffle off to Buffalo

Anyone up for a road trip?

We can snag a snow plow and head to Buffalo

I bet your wondering why I would want to do something like that when I hate snow so much.  Am I right?

Well I certainly wouldn't be going to see the snow.

You see yesterday was pay day. Can I just say that pay day doesn't hold the same charm when there isn't a check that I can take to the bank. Why no check? They're stuck in Buffalo. It could be a long wait.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


We bought a play yard for Gibbs to keep him confined while we're at work. He's got all the comforts of home in there. He has a little bed, toys, food, water and a pee pad. It's worked quite well.

Don't give me that look. Yes, you do have to go in the play yard when I go to work.

Do you know what Gibbs has to say about that? He says he may have to go in there but it doesn't mean he has to stay in there.

He's a regular little escape artist. Tuesday I came home, walked in the door and imagine my surprise when he came running up to greet me. I assumed that I didn't latch the door on it well enough.  Wednesday same thing, I open the door and there he is. I check the door on the play yard and it's still closed.
I put him back in and watched and waited. He jumped, he barked, he whined. Then he jumped once more and climbed right on out of there. The play yard is maybe a little over 2 feet high. Now that doesn't sound very high but he's not very big.

Time for plan B
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