Friday, December 9, 2016

Snow and Christmas

It started snowing yesterday. All day long at work people were coming in and saying how bad it was getting just north of us.  Then we started hearing about a multi car  accident on interstate 90.

After work I stopped at the bank and took this picture while I was waiting at the drive thru

I left the bank and was waiting at the traffic light for the light to turn green. While I was sitting there a card turned the corner too fast, fishtailed and started sliding right towards me. I held my breath and prayed because there was absolutely nothing I could do. Thankfully they missed me. Only by inches but that was enough.

As for Christmas, yesterday Donna  left me a comment challenging me to post something every day showing how I'm getting ready for Christmas. Well I'm still not dragging out those decorations but I am in a Christmas mood.

Last night I read blogs that were posting something Christmasy while I watched a Christmas movie

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Gibbs and the human

Saturday Gibbs and I had a little fun with selfies. OK so if I'm going to be honest I should say "I" had a little fun with selfies and Gibbs just wondered why I wasn't appreciating the dog slobber all over my face.

I did get him to look at the phone that was propped up on the counter long enough for a good one.

I should pull out his elf costume and see if that still fits him. He's not nearly as fun to take pictures with as Duke used to be. Gibbs just isn't in to it like Duke was.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


I'm just full of excuses lately. They may not be good ones but I'm full of them (along with maybe a little something else)

So yesterday I failed to post because when I got home from work on Sunday I laid down on the couch and fell asleep until bedtime. I was dragging all day at work and was just feeling achy all over. Yesterday I felt a little better but just couldn't get myself moving.

Going back to Saturday and our trip to the craft show. I only bought two things. One was a wooden tray that I don't have a picture of. I think it will look really nice with some greenery and either a candle or maybe one of my snowmen.

The other thing was a little ornament that I couldn't resist. The owl is made out of cinnamon dough

I think my fascination for owls has gotten just as big as my fascination for snowmen.

Still nothing going on in the crafting or Christmas decorating departments.
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