Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Hanging on to memories

A while ago I had been talking to my daughter about wanting to really declutter my house. I said that I wanted to get rid of everything that I didn't either use, need or love. I told her that there were some things that didn't fall into any of those categories but for some reason I wasn't able to throw them away. I went into the other room and brought back an example of something I couldn't seem to part with.

I told here I still had these cups that were ugly as sin but because they were made by her and her brother I couldn't part with them. Turns out that she actually made both of them and told me to toss them. I offered them to her but she said that she didn't want them.

A week or so later she came over and looked at the window sill in my kitchen and there sat the two much stacked like they are above. She looked at them and said "You still haven't thrown those away?"

So there they sit, they are ugly as sin, she's given me permission to part with them and yet I still can't seem to throw them out.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Well so much for that

I'm having a hard time staying positive when it feels like everything just keeps going down hill. Yesterday I went to the Spectrum store so that I could take a copy of Wade's death certificate and get the account changed into my name. That pretty much went as planned. I asked about changing what I have to save some money and he talked about some options. He said I was paid up until the 20th so I said I would leave it as is for now and get back to him.

Later I decided I just can't afford the cable any more and I would take it down to just the internet. I can't be completely shut off. So I called and told them what I wanted to do. Of course she kept giving me other options that would be less than what the current bill is. I kept responding that I could NOT afford that. Finally she got the message that I didn't want anything more than JUST the internet. Later I went in and turned on the tv thinking I had a few more days since I was paid up till the 20th. WRONG. They shut the cable off right then and there.

I have until the end of the month to get my vehicle inspected. I'm afraid to take it because with the way my luck is going they'll tell me it won't pass without new tires or something else. I will mostl likely just lose it right then and there.

OK, I'm done whining for the day (at least on the blog). As a reward for listening to me, you get Gibbs. He looks kind of sad. I wonder if he's worried about whether or not I plan to cut back on milk bones.

Here's a close up

And a closeup in black and white.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Just thinkin'

Yesterday was a hot one and after I got home from work I spent a lot of time laying on the couch in front of the tv. It was quite late when I got around to finally putting this post together. With little energy and even less ideas, I scrolled through the archives. A beach picture jumped out at me and said "pick me"

I was thinking how funny it is that in the first couple weeks after Wade passed away, I had more visitors here than I've probably had in the past year. Of course after the first couple weeks all those people are gone and it's back to normal. Or is it? While I appreciated all those visits, what I appreciate more are the very few who continue to check up on me.  I also appreciate all of you who come here every day to visit.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

not much

After all I did on Friday I woke up Saturday a little stiff and sore. Time for a day of chilling out and relaxing.
I went to a small craft show and then browsed the local thrift shop in the morning. After that I worked on a few projects but mostly laid around doing nothing.
Gibbs wasn't real thrilled with my lack of energy. He had other plans

Yes I did play ball with him but not as much as he wanted. Here he is showing me how unhappy he was about that.

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