Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Too darn cold

Yesterday was too darn cold. The highest I saw was 13 degrees. Gibbs and I hibernated all day long. I wasn't very inspired to come up with blog material so I grabbed a couple pictures from my daughters Facebook page from Presley's birthday party.

This one is pretty much like the one I showed yesterday but it's before she had frosting all over her face.

Back to work today but I sure wish I had a do over on my day off. I could use some more time at home.

Monday, January 21, 2019

What a day

Saturday night it snowed, and snowed then snowed some more. When I got up Sunday morning I had a hard time opening the basement door to let Gibbs out. I had to go out and shovel a spot for him because he started out into the snow and turned around and wanted right back in.

Then it was get the car cleaned off and hope I could make it out of the driveway to go to work. The plows had gone by while I was out there and the snow was looking very deep. I got in, looked both ways and put my foot down on the gas until I was out on the road. I was very happy that it was a short drive to work. It was nasty out there.

Presley's birthday party was yesterday and they had asked me to make her a smash cake. Well the one I did was a little beyond a smash cake but we don't have small cakes or cake pans so I went with what I had. The theme for her party was "tea party" so I made a teacup from a icecream cone and the handle was part of a cooke

I wasn't sure if I was going to make it to her party. It started at 1 and I worked till 1:30. Then I had to go home, let Gibbs out and change. Also I wasn't sure if I would be able to get in my driveway. I thought I would have to shovel when I got home too. Thankfully my neighbor had been over with his snowblower and cleaned the driveway out for me.
I made it to her party just as she was enjoying her cake. My cell phone takes crappy pictures but here she is.

I promised Gibbs that I would stay home all day long today so no going out anywhere for me. Just as well, it's too cold out there any way.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Not a bad day

Yesterday could have been a little warmer and I could have done without the snow but all in all it wasn't a bad day.

I went out in the morning to shovel and while I was out there the guy who plows the neighbors driveway pulled in and plowed mine.

It wasn't looking too bad out so I decided to drive over to Walmart and get a haircut. It's been over 6 months since I've had it cut and it was looking stringy and horrible and it was driving me nuts. When I came out of Walmart it was snowing like crazy. A nice slow drive home and it was inside for the rest of the day.

Two things that I've been waiting for in the mail came too so that was also a cause for celebration. I've been waiting for the letter from OVR telling me I can make my appointment to get fitted for my hearing aids. That came so on Monday I can call and make the appointment. I also got something from the state regarding Wade's unemployment from last year so now I can get my stuff together and get my taxes done.

All in all not a bad day.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Another card

Presley's first birthday is coming up real soon and they are having her birthday party for her on Sunday. The child has more clothes and toys than she needs so rather than buy her anything I've decided I'll open a savings account for her.

So I won't show up empty handed I decided to make her a birthday card. Not that she will really care or know the difference but you know. The theme for her birthday is a tea party. I had some cut and print files that matched that theme.

Here is the front of the card

And I also cut the teacups for the inside. Now I just need to write something on the other side

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