Friday, April 26, 2019

Can you guess

I'm sure that if you read my post yesterday you will have no problem guessing what I did when I got home from work yesterday. Yep, I got that lawn mower filled with oil, gas and my grass is cut. Yeah me!

I thought I was going to have a picture of fresh cut grass but apparently my computer doesn't want to cooperate today so today you just get words.

The lawn still doesn't look great because when I mowed I just chopped up all the leaves that were still laying there from last fall and now they are all just laying there but it's cut and it looks better than it did. Looks like I got it done just in time too since there is rain in the forecast for Friday, Sunday and Monday. Saturday it says no rain but it's only supposed to be up to 47.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

The struggle is real

You may recall my griping last year about my broken mower. I made it through with what I had but knew this year I would have to buy a new one. In the past week everyone around me has mowed making my yard look absolutely horrible.

Although I didn't want to go, I forced myself to head to Home Depot after work and buy a new mower. I got it home and sent a text to my daughter asking if they could stop on their way home so Rob could get it out of my vehicle for me. There was no way I was going to get that box out on my own. He stops puts it in the basement for me and they are on their merry way.

I head downstairs to open the box and put it together. Piece of cake right?

Pardon the crappy cell phone picture but it's what I had to use.

Perhaps my brain was just too tired but the pictorial directions for putting the handle on and then adding the oil was totally confusing. I sent a text to my son asking if he could put it together for me. He said sure, probably this weekend. That's great but I was hoping to mow tomorrow after work. I stewed a while and headed back to the basement to show this mower that I am not as stupid as it is trying to make me feel.  I won the battle of the handle which is now attached. Today I battle the oil.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

From Easter

Today I can finally get to posting about Easter. I did have to work that day but only half a day. Then I went home to start dinner. Both my kids were over with future spouses and the star of the show Presley. I didn't take a ton of pictures because my phone takes horrible pictures and I didn't feel like getting out the good camera.

I posted this on Facebook the other day.  Looks like she was having a chat with the Bunnies.

And by the looks of that finger I think she was letting them know that next year she better get a bigger and better basket.

Amanda took this one with her cell phone. Cutest bunny around.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

A birthday in heaven

While going through wedding pictures for my post yesterday I found one of Wade, my brother and myself and realized that today would have been my brother's birthday.

Happy Birthday in heaven big brother.

Mike was 5 years older than me and he passed away when he was 57.
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