Thursday, June 13, 2024


 Back in May, Amanda wanted to stop at a greenhouse and get some flowers. This is one that's owned and operated by Amish. It's out in the country and such a beautiful spot

I took this picture in one of the greenhouse and I'm not sure what happened but I thought it looked kind of cool.

Just a picture looking in to one of the greenhouses.

I thought these were so pretty.

Amanda did get some flowers but I didn't take any pictures of what she bought. I just went and admired all the pretty stuff.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

How to fix a screen, crafty style.

 The weather was getting warmer and I wanted to open the windows and air out the house. Not all of my screens are in the best condition and one of them had two holes at the top. We're talking holes that are big enough for a large bug to gain entry and invade my space. I could just replace the screening but I've discovered that I suck at doing that. Plus I procrastinate. Instead I did a crafty solution. Now this is not my original idea. I saw it on Facebook I think and I thought I would give it a try.

So what's the solution? I cut out vinyl butterflies on my cricut and used them as a patch over the hole. For each hole I cut 2 identical butterflies. I put one on the inside and one on the outside.

When I went to apply the butterflies, I discovered that in order to put them on right side up it wouldn't cover the hole. Therefor my butterflies are flying downwards.

To help insure that they would stay stuck to the screen, I used a heat gun and carefully heated the vinyl just a bit to make it stick together better.

Not a professional job but I think it's a pretty clever solution. Plus, no more holes.

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Seasonal shelves.

 Back before Memorial day I finally got around to changing things out on my seasonal shelves. I put away the spring stuff and pulled out the patriotic decorations. These will be good throughout the summer.

The top shelf is a Dollar tree candle that I added the vinyl to. A small red vase with blue and white flowers and a flag. Some beads and the Dollar Tree decoration on the right.

This shelf has another Dollar tree decoration (the star) and that cute little hat. I also pulled out the red bird decorations. Not necessarily patriotic but they're the right color. The picture is one I picked up years ago at either a thrift store or yard sale.

The liberty bell was something my son got when his grandmother passed away. Of course when he moved out of the house the bell stayed and I confiscated it for my season decorating. The flag votive holder is another thrift store find. Uncle Sam was a recent purchase from Walmart.

The bottom shelf, I was running out of things that fell into the category of patriotic. I pulled another red bird decoration, a small flag and I had a fabric star that's on a stick. 

And there you have my season shelves. I actually added a couple more things after taking these pictures. There are two craft projects I made but those will be another post.

Monday, June 10, 2024

Happy Birthday Amanda

 This is a repost from last year with the edit to make her another year older.

Happy 41st birthday Amanda

We may not have always gotten along and we butted heads so many times over the years but I will be forever in awe of the amazing person she is.

She has the brightest smile and a heart of gold.

Growing up she had a abundance of energy.

Happy Birthday to the best daughter a mother could have.

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