Wednesday, September 30, 2009

HEY! Guess what?

Can you guess? Can you? Huh? Huh?


Want me to tell you then?

Are you sure?

OK so I may be getting carried away a little bit here but I'm excited and I like to act immature sometimes :)
The great news is....
Oh wait, before I tell you the great news, I have to show you this (I'm such a When I was taking pictures at the wedding the bride kept shutting her eyes and her mom was telling her to knock it off. I told her not to worry because if I had to I could always cut eyes out of one picture and paste them on another. She thought that was really cool and wondered if I could switch heads too. But of course I I think she may have had certain people in mind but since I don't know exactly which ones I took it upon myself to pick a couple and switch their heads. I'm throwing this one in and I labeled it "What is that"

I'm not going to mention it and see what she
OK so the great new is "I'M DONE" yeah me!!!!!!!!!! I finished the last one earlier this evening and I transferred all the pictures on to a disc. I have lightscribe so I need to burn a label on to the disc yet. My only problem is that I've never used it so I'm not exactly sure how but I'll figure it out. Now I can get back to working on some fun stuff for you guys. That and maybe working on some of the craft projects that I started.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just a short one tonight

I thought that maybe I was done posting wedding pictures but since I don't have anything else going on right now I needed something to post.

I think another couple days of working on them and I should be done. I've been trying to do at least a few a night. If nothing else, this has taught me that I really wouldn't want to be a wedding photographer. At least not while I was also holding down a full time job. Don't get me wrong, I'm not sorry I did this, I was glad to do it for them. It's just that I have a whole new respect for those who do it professionally. Well that's about all I have time for tonight. Oh except one other thing. If I haven't dropped on you in the last couple days I want to apologize. I've sort of taken a break from my dropping frenzy. I'm still doing them, just not going for the 300 a day that I was.
Have a great evening everyone.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sorry, very long winded

It was back in January of 2008 that I first thought about starting a blog. That's when I opened my google account and made my first blogging attempt. My original blog is long gone and it never went very far to begin with. I was quickly discouraged when a certain person (who shall remain nameless) made a less than positive comment about my efforts. Although I gave up at that point, I continued to have the desire to blog. It took 9 months (how appropriate is that) for Ann's snap edit scrap to be born.
For months, I stumbled along writing posts, begging family members to read and follow, and shouting out new posts in the cafe mom forums. I enjoyed doing it but I felt like I was the only one who ever saw it. Here I was making digital scrapbooking things that I wanted to give away free and no one was there to take them. That's when my sister Tanyia suggested that I register with digifree. I tried that and I gained a couple followers, but yet I still felt like I was all alone in the blogosphere.
Finally I found Entrecard. It opened a new door in my blog world. I found so many new blogs written by the most wonderful people. I have made connections with people who have given my blogging purpose. I'm entertained by their posts on a daily basis. I laugh with them, I cry with them, I relate to what they are saying. Never in a million years did I think that my humble little blog would have reached 97 followers. I feel truly blessed by each and every one of you who stop and visit me. Which brings me to another subject. I've been given some awards.
Words can not begin to describe how honored I feel that two wonderful bloggers felt that I was deserving of an award.

This first one is from Swapna at Crafts and Cooking

Thank you so much for passing this on to me. It truly means a lot to have received it.
The rules of the award are
1. add the logo to your blog
2. Link to the person who passed on the award
3. Nominate blogs of your choice
4. Leave a message on the nominees blogs.

Without further ado I would like to pass this along to the following
And Will Oaks Studio

My next award comes from a woman who everyone knows and loves. Jackie at

Thank you so much Jackie. You inspire me as well. Not only am I inspired by your beautiful photos and words, but by your dedication to your readers and your kind and thoughtful comments here and on the other blogs you visit.

Choosing who to pass this along to is very difficult because there are so many of you who inspire me, each in your own way. My choices are
Miawa who inspired me in more way than one through both of her blogs and
Donna, here's another one for you. Your sweetness and hospitality have won my heart
Vickie, you quickly became one of my favorites
and finally Ratty, you have inspired me to go out and look for all the wonders the world has to offer.

Are you tough enough?

You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through.--Rosalynn Carter
I'm a quote freak, I love them. I often go searching for them. I found this one just before starting this post. Yes, I know I'm supposed to be working on the wedding pictures. You don't have to remind me. NO, I'm not finished with them. (Wade has asked me several times in the last couple days if I was finished and each time he came in to ask I was goofing off)
So what does the quote have to do with any of this? I don't know. I guess maybe it's a matter of questioning my ability. I have worked on the pictures but I find myself needing to walk away when I don't feel like I have the ability to do them justice. I think I'm doing the right thing though. If I keep working at them with the wrong attitude I probably won't put forth my best effort. I need to clear my mind and wait until my confidence is back up to par.

Can you stand another one?

By now you may be getting tired of seeing wedding pictures. I think right now I I've been working on them but I'm really not satisfied with my progress. My main concern is with how blurry or grainy they are going to look when they are printed. I'm certain that it will be very obvious that these were taken by someone who has no clue. Just to break the stress a little I thought I would throw in something more on the artsy side. I don't know if they will like it or not. If not all they have to do is trash it, no big deal.

Other than working on pictures I haven't done much today. Oh my I see it's already I hadn't realized how late it was getting. Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. I think it's off to bed for a few hours and then start in fresh.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Here comes the bride before and after

I wanted to show you one of the wedding pictures that I worked on. Believe me when I say I am NOT showing you the worst of the pictures Before this is all over I'll post a couple of the super bad ones
This is one from the reception and it's straight off the camera. I had to use the flash so I have that horrible shadow. The red eye does not go well with her dress either.

I don't know exactly what order I did everything in but to give you an idea of how I fixed it I'll list some of the things I did. The first thing was to get rid of the red eye. That one was simple enough. I wanted to get rid of the shadow behind them so I used the clone tool to get rid of that. There was way too much red in the picture so I adjusted the reds in the hue/saturation until I thought it looked good. I wanted to reduce the noise but not loose the focus on the eyes. I duplicated the layer, reduced the noise on the top copy then erased the eyes and teeth. Then on the bottom layer I used the unsharp mask. I think this is a bit of an improvement over the original.

Then I also did a black and white version. I liked it originally but now I'm thinking I may have gone a touch too light with it. What do you think?
Well back to work, I just wanted to pop in and show you I'm still making progress.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Here comes the bride part 1

I got down to business and did some serious work on the pictures. I came up with some that I think I like, and hope they will too. I got permission from the bride's mom to show you some.

Drum roll please.....

Here are the 6 best that I've got so far.

Somebody say something please so I can stop holding my breath. I think I'm turning blue Seriously though, I decided to start by going through the whole folder, throw out anything that was a total loss and then just randomly started picking out ones that I thought I could do the best with. Several of them don't look too bad once I reduce the noise and then add a high pass layer to them. Speaking of high pass, does anyone have any pointers about that? Such as in general a good setting to start with?
The one of her dragging him by the collar I also did in color. Then the one with her in the mirror I did in all color too. I did find that a couple look better in black and white or with a sepia tint to them. I told her mom I'm going to need a couple weeks to get through them so I better get back to it. Don't want to keep her waiting too long.

Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm back

Alright, I've think I've done enough whining and crying and now it's time to kick myself in the butt and put my happy face back on. I just hate it when I get in those moods and even more when I bring it into my blog. I do appreciate all your comments. Let me just say

I love you guys!!!!

I sat around moping for most of the day, played way too many games of solitaire and then decided to dig into those pictures. I realized that what I had really wasn't all that bad considering what I had to work with. Just take a look at these people would ya?

So I have to admit that I didn't work (seriously) on any of them. I just decided to pick one and have some fun with it. OOPS looks like I cut off one of the guys ah well, I doubt he really needed that right arm anyway, heck he still has a hand.

My apology

First of all I want to thank all of you who have left such encouraging comments here. I appreciate the vote of confidence more than you know. I also want to say I'm sorry for being so negative in my last few posts. Life just seems to be bringing me down a bit lately.
After looking at the pictures from the wedding however, I feel like I have really let everyone down. Over a third of them are totally unusable. Even my trusty photoshop elements can't fix them. The rest, well, I'm dealing with blur, lots of grain, color problems, lighting problems, you name it, it's in
If anyone has some miracle tricks to share with me I would love to hear them.
Here's one that wasn't too awful, but I don't think I'm happy with the edit that I did to it.
I haven't checked with the bride to see if she minds me posting some but this one I'm sure wouldn't be a problem to share with you.
Just on the off chance that the bride or her mom happen to see this post, "I swear I will come up with at least a few good ones for you"
OK, I'm off to go cry a little now.
Have a good week everyone.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Twists, turns and tied up in knots

Sometimes that's just the way life is.

No news on the photos from the wedding yet. I haven't been brave enough to look at them. I do know for certain though that the ones from the reception are horrible. It was so dark in there that the only way I could get a picture was to use my flash. Unfortunately I don't have a DSLR only a lowly point and shoot. It was a nice distraction though spending the day playing with my camera.
Happy Sunday everyone!

Friday, September 18, 2009

I survived

I did it, I made it through the week. Now I can sit back, relax and laugh at the people who have to work tomorrow and take care of the last of it. I have a whole year to recover before I have to do it all over again.

Tonight I've got a few more pictures from last Sunday. I chose these three pictures because I was going for a theme here. Can you guess what the message is?

Before I give you the answer I wanted to tell you about what I'm doing tomorrow. A friend at work asked me if I would take pictures for her daughters wedding. I agreed but made sure I let them know that I have NEVER done this before and I really can't guarantee anything. Well, that's what I'm doing tomorrow. I have a secret to tell you. "I'm scared to death that all the pictures are going to be horrible" I'll feel just terrible if I don't get at least a few good ones. I may not get any sleep tonight worrying about I'm taking my trusty tripod with me, hopefully that will help. What if the lighting is horrible, what if my batteries die, what if......
What if I stop worrying for now and tell you the message that I was trying to portray through pictures? Did you guess "Goodbye to Summer"? If you did then you get a gold star.
Well have a great weekend everyone. I'm sure I'll be back before it's over.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

One more day

Just one more gigantic day and my week is over. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I get to work this morning only to find that after I left yesterday they added more orders. They gave me an additional 27 loaves of bread to bake today. Then for tomorrow I've added another 10 loaves Italian bread, and 2 small orders, one for 2 dozen croissants and one for 2 loaves of pumpernickel bread. The good news is that I don't have the cakes to do anymore. Why don't I? Because the boss's brilliant solution to relieving tomorrows work load was to do the cakes today and increase my work load today. Must be why he makes the big bucks. He came in this morning to discuss tomorrows orders with me. This was while I was trying to finish my donut order and sugar and glaze was flying I ever so kindly (well maybe not kindly) told him that if he wanted to discuss it with me he could catch me on my break, I was too busy at the moment to talk to him.

So more of Sundays pictures. As we were leaving the park I was snapping away at anything and everything that caught my eye. This is the guards booth at the entrance.

I got lucky and caught a Seagull in flight. He was flying right at me and I managed to semi focus in on him. Yeah me!

Here's a picture of the whole band. The name of the band by the way is The Nightmare and they are out of Cleveland Ohio. If you want you can check them out at

That's it for tonight. If I survive tomorrow I'll try and post a couple more pics. I scheduled Monday and Tuesday of next week as vacation days so after tomorrow I have 4 heavenly days of rest.

One more thing I almost forgot about. Check out my brand new slide show on the right. It was made for me by my wonderful friend Miawa from She came by and stole my pictures to make it for me. Isn't she a doll? She's also brand new to Entrecard so stop by and see her and give her a drop.

Have a good night everyone

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Go ask Alice

Since this week is so crazy I won't even attempt to try and create anything to offer as a freebie. It would probably turn out really bad anyway. What I'm going to do instead is share some of the pictures I took Sunday when we went to the final "free concert on the lawn" at Conneaut Lake Park.
Side note to clear up the confusion for (check out her blog, beautiful photography there) The buried alive in bread dough thing was because I am the baker at our local grocery store. This is fair week in our town and I'm bombarded with orders. The biggest day of the week will be Friday. My orders for that day are
8 dozen donuts (which need to be ready by 7a.m.)
60 loaves of Italian bread, sliced
50 loaves of french bread
300 dinner rolls
1 1/2 sheet cake
2 full sheet cakes
and my regular daily baking for the store. (poor poor me :)

So on with the pictures now. This one is a bike that we spotted while we were walking through the park. Wade really liked it because the back of it looks like a '57 Chevy. It was pretty awesome looking. I wouldn't mind riding around on it that's for sure.

The concert for the day was an Alice Cooper tribute. This guy was the singer. I like a wide variety of music and this took me back a few years. I did actually have an Alice Cooper album when I was in high school.

When they were on a break, Wade had asked him if they were going to play I never cry, which is my favorite Alice Cooper song. It's probably one of maybe a couple mellow songs that he ever sang. The guy said they knew it but it wasn't on the list for that day. Ah well, maybe I can dig up that album. So after the concert we were walking through the park and the guy came up to me and apologized for not being able to sing it. He said that they ran a little long and had to cut some of the other songs they were planning on singing. Wade asked if he could buy him a beer and he thanked him but said no, he had to drive. Just goes to show, don't let outward appearances fool you. The guy did put on a pretty good show too.
Well that's it for tonight. Have a good one everyone.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ahhh forget about it

I'm gonna scrap the whole thing, or not.
HUH? What is that supposed to mean?
What it means is, that I wanted to work on a scrap page and I'm frustrated with the project because I don't like anything I do. So since I'm not going to be scrapping I'm just going to try and forget about it. For now.

Today I'm just going to share an edit I did with you. This is the picture I started with and it's straight off the camera. As you can see, the rose is a little on the dead side. I sort of have a problem with throwing them away. I kept looking at this poor withering rose in the vase and thinking I should just throw it away already but...
The more I looked at it, even though it's dead, it's almost as pretty this way as it was when it was fresh. I'm weird that way. Almost anything I see that is old, weathered, beat up or just plain seen better days, somehow attracts me.

OK enough of the rambling nonsense. You must forgive me, this is a terribly hectic week at work and it's only Tuesday. I have three more days to get through and each one is going to be just a little bit worse than the one before. UGHHHHHHHHHHHH!

So sorry, was I whining? Where was I? Oh yeah, the edit. I did two different versions.
Here's version 1

and here is version 2. Not much difference between them really except I added a gradient layer on top of this one.
And I'm afraid that's all I have for you today. Unless of course you would like to listen to more of my crying and complaining about work. No? I didn't think so. Oh well, can't blame a poor working girl for trying. Well have a great night everyone and tomorrow wherever you might be, think of me being burried alive in bread

Saturday, September 12, 2009

You get a D

That's right, I'm giving you a "D". Template that is. I finished the next page of my A to Z project.

I did this one slightly different than the other ones. I decided that I really didn't want the letter to always be so large. To make the one paper for this layout, I took a screen shot of one of my blog posts. I opened it up in photoshop elements and then cropped a section of the text. Then I duplicated it several times, rotated the layers in different directions and finally added a gradient layer on top.
So this is the template that I'm giving you today.

But wait! There's more. I've also included the text paper, the ribbon and the element that I used in my layout. Not enough? OK, fine, I'll also throw in my layout, minus the picture of me. Today, you get all this for the low low price of free. Now you can't beat that. What are you waiting for? Click right HERE to grab it

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fall is in the air

The evenings here have been getting quite cool lately. I can feel fall in the air. I'm not quite ready to say good bye to summer just yet but I have no choice. Even though I am a fan of warm sunny weather I do appreciate the beautiful colors that come with fall. I've actually spotted a few trees already that are changing colors.
Last night I was doing some playing in photoshop elements and came up with a little fall gift for you. In the download you'll find three fall colored papers with an embossed look to them. I've also included 2 overlays that I used to make the papers. You can try them out on plain or patterned papers, try out different blending modes and see what you come up with.

Grab your gift right HERE.
Now, since it's Friday and the air is a bit on the cool side I'm going to practice my hibernating skills for the weekend. I'm going to need all the rest I can get this weekend because next week is our local fair. That is always a crazy week for me at work and I'm sure that this year is going to be like all the others.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


You guys have really just been making my day with all your wonderful and kind comments. When I first started blogging (almost a year ago) I wondered if anyone would ever read this besides me. I know my husband and kids have absolutely no interest in what's here at all. I never imagined that I would have as many followers as I do today. Most of you I've come in contact with through Entrecard, and for that I am very grateful.

I was going to try and respond to all your comments to my last post in the comment section but I'm never really sure if anyone ever goes back and reads those or not. The majority of the comments had to do with digital scrapbooking and how to get started. I've put together a few links for you that should help you on your way.
First of all if you are looking for freebies, you can start right here :) Check the categories section on my blog to find what you are looking for. I have kits, templates, word art and other assorted stuff. Click on freebies and it will give you all the posts that offer freebies.
Two other places for great freebies come from and
Not only do these two ladies offer beautiful freebies but they are a couple of the nicest bloggers I know.

for tutorials you can try

These are of course only a few to get you started. If you can't find what you're looking for you can do a search using the keywords "digital scrapbooking tutorials, or digital scrapbooking freebies"

For those of you who have done traditional scrapbooking but never tried digital all I can say is that it's much cheaper and a whole lot less clean up. Not to mention that in digital, if you cut a piece of paper the wrong size or shape there's is nothing lost because there is always the "undo".
Now you don't get that with

Have a great night everyone. Hopefully I'll be back with some goodies for you soon.

Monday, September 7, 2009

An answer and a surprise

There was a comment left on my last post that I want to address today. The comment was "I have a really stupid question and I hope you don't mind me asking, but what do you exactly do in scrapbooking? It does look interesting."
First of all, not a stupid question at all, and second, of course I don't mind you asking. Now to answer it I didn't know if I could explain it so that it would make sense so I went in search of an intelligent answer. You see sometimes, even though my brain knows the answer, when I put it into words it loses something on the journey from thought to text.
So, this is the definition that I found for scrapbooking:
Scrapbooking is a method for preserving personal and family history in the form of photographs, printed media, and memorabilia contained in decorated albums, or scrapbooks.

I also found an explanation of what digital scrapbooking is on Wise Geek

Now that you endured my feeble attempt at explaining scrapbooking I have a surprise for you. When I was doing my EC drops yesterday I saw an adorable make up bag on LovelyPurses The fabric it was made from had the cutest little trees on it and it inspired me to go make some of my own. I've included one layered template and 5 sample trees.
You can get them right HERE

Well back to work tomorrow, at least it's only a 4 day work week. Hope everyone is enjoying their Labor day weekend.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's been awhile

Wow! When was the last time I did a scrapbook page or offered you a freebie? Today I started working on quite a few different projects, digital and otherwise, and managed to finish at least one. I haven't worked on my A to Z project in a while so I opened it up and set my mind on completing it.

Here's the template I made for you to use. You can download it HERE

I wanted to let you all know that the crazy lady came back last night again. She baked cookies. Since I woke up this morning I haven't seen one sign of her. Now I kind of miss her because I had to do the dishes myself.
Today I pretty much just enjoyed the fact that the sun was shining and even though it's Sunday I DON'T have to go to work tomorrow. I tried to work on my frosting container projects but didn't get very far. I have three of them finished and 3 more almost. Maybe I'll take some more pictures of those tomorrow to show you. That about sums up my day, how is your weekend going?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Drop shadows

I had said some time ago that I would do a tutorial on drop shadows and I finally got around to making good on that promise.

You'll have to excuse the horrible screen shots. For some reason I can never get them to look very good. Hopefully you'll be able to get the idea of what I'm talking about here though.

Lets start with why you need them. If you just layer pictures and elements on a background paper all you are going to end up with is a flat image. When you add drop shadows to the layers it gives it some dimension and adds a touch of realism to it.

I'm going to show you two different ways that you can add a drop shadow. (done in photoshop elements 7)

The first is the easiest way, however, it doesn't give you as much flexability.

Make sure that you have selected the layer that you want to add the drop shadow to.

Go to the effects palette and choose layer styles (indicated by the circle at the top of the screen shot) then from the drop down menu choose drop shadows.

For the example I chose the one indicated by the arrow.

Notice the circle at the bottom of the screen shot. If you double click on that a window will pop up that allows you to adjust the shadow. You will be able to adjust the angle, size, distance, opacity and color. The next picture is what you will end up with.

That's not so bad looking, but there's nothing more I can really do with it.

Here is another method that allows you more flexability because it puts the drop shadow of it's own layer.
In the screen shot below notice the red circle. While holding down the control key click your mouse in the area indicated by the circle. This would of course be on the layer of the object you want to add the shadow to. Notice the marching ants around that object now.

Now that you have the selection loaded add a blank layer below that layer.
Next go to select > feather and enter a value. (I usually choose 10)

Hit the letter D on your keyboard to set the colors to default and with the paint bucket tool selected fill the selection with black on the blank layer. You now have a drop shadow below your object.

(I should mention here that the picture in the screen shot wasn't how it looked at first. I played with it a little and forgot to leave it the way it originally looked. OOPS)

This is what you can do with you drop shadow now.

Image 1 is how it will look if you follow all the above steps. It pretty much looks about the same as it did using the first method.

Image 2 I used the smudge tool to drag the shadow out slightly

Image 3 this is the same as 2 but with a lowered opacity. I think I took it down to about 25%

Image 4 For this one while holding down the control key I dragged the corners of the shadow out which gave it the appearance of being farther away from the background page.

Now that you know how to do it, go out and cast some shadows.

Home invasion

An unknown woman entered my home this morning. I have no idea who she was or where she came from. I can approximate her age at mid 40's and describe her as roughly 5'2", with medium ash blond hair and blue eyes.
She was last seen fleeing on foot with my dog and my camera.

A little bird told me she was spotted walking through town.

She was also sighted walking down one of the more rural roads in the area.

My dog returned with my camera but the woman is nowhere to be found.
Before she scurried off she went through my entire house sweeping, dusting, vacuuming and straightening up. She emptied garbage cans, changed the sheets on the bed and even had the audacity to clean up my crafty mess.
I don't know if she will return again any time soon but I hope she gives me time to recuperate from today because I'm exhausted.

Hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend and watch out for those home invaders.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I've been trying to do my EC drops for the day and I'm getting very frustrated. I don't know if it's my computer or a problem with EC. Some pages load fine but most either won't load at all or if they do the EC widget won't. If I didn't drop on you today, that's why. Sorry.

The whole thing is making me very MOOOOOODY.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Something you won't want to miss

I have to tell you about a contest that Jackie is running on her blog for all Entrecard members. You will definitely want to get in on this. The prize is a month's worth of free (yes free) advertising on her blog. Click on the picture below to get the details for her contest. Even if you don't win the advertising visiting her blog is a prize in itself with all the beautiful pictures she posts

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thank you

Today's post is to thank several people.

To start with I want to thank Marie for this lovely award. It means I love your blog. I feel very honored that she feels I deserve it.

Here are the rules:
* Copy the award image above.
* Pass it to the bloggers whom you think are deserving of this award.
* Leave a message to them.
* Pass as many as you want.
* Leave a comment to the person who you give this award to.

Now I would like to pass it on to a few blogs that I love
Vickie at DigiVickie
PJ at PJ's Prose
Holly at Earth to Holly
Angel at Here and now 4 Angel

Now I want to thank everyone who has dropped on me in the last month but especially the top 10.
Starting with # 10

and the #1 top dropper for August and a special thank you is

Thanks again everyone.
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