Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ahhh forget about it

I'm gonna scrap the whole thing, or not.
HUH? What is that supposed to mean?
What it means is, that I wanted to work on a scrap page and I'm frustrated with the project because I don't like anything I do. So since I'm not going to be scrapping I'm just going to try and forget about it. For now.

Today I'm just going to share an edit I did with you. This is the picture I started with and it's straight off the camera. As you can see, the rose is a little on the dead side. I sort of have a problem with throwing them away. I kept looking at this poor withering rose in the vase and thinking I should just throw it away already but...
The more I looked at it, even though it's dead, it's almost as pretty this way as it was when it was fresh. I'm weird that way. Almost anything I see that is old, weathered, beat up or just plain seen better days, somehow attracts me.

OK enough of the rambling nonsense. You must forgive me, this is a terribly hectic week at work and it's only Tuesday. I have three more days to get through and each one is going to be just a little bit worse than the one before. UGHHHHHHHHHHHH!

So sorry, was I whining? Where was I? Oh yeah, the edit. I did two different versions.
Here's version 1

and here is version 2. Not much difference between them really except I added a gradient layer on top of this one.
And I'm afraid that's all I have for you today. Unless of course you would like to listen to more of my crying and complaining about work. No? I didn't think so. Oh well, can't blame a poor working girl for trying. Well have a great night everyone and tomorrow wherever you might be, think of me being burried alive in bread dough....lol


  1. Dear Ann,
    I just found your blog a few days ago and have read a bit of it. Firstly :) I just want you to know that I really love your ideas and your art...what you've done with the dead rose is absolutely lovely! Wish I were so creative! About your problems at work...I don't know the details as I haven't read that far in your blog but if it makes you feel any better to know you're not alone, here's the short part of my long story....my job was hell! It was like spending everyday with a bunch of adult-aged 3rd graders. Since I didn't go along with all their gossip etc, they finally fired me. At first it was a huge relief (in so many ways it still is ... just to not have to deal with any of them anymore!) But I lost my job in March and living on unemployment has been really rough and now it's about to run out. Even though I've been applying for work like crazy and I am skilled or even in some cases, "over qualified" I'm just not having any luck getting hired. They never say so but I really think that it's because I'm very obviously not a 20- or 30-something anymore (I'm 50). I'm beginning to freak out...I'm just too old for all this stress! LOL! Anyway, I wish you well and hope that everything works out. Keep up your blog and your art cuz if you're anything like me, it helps to have an outlet and besides, I love to visit here! :) Take Care! (P.S. Sorry so long-winded)

  2. Hi Ann! You did a great job on the dead rose. You always have the talent to transform anything into a beautiful work of art!
    Have a Nice Day!

  3. It's so ironic finding a dead rose on your site and your transformation of that rose because you saw the beauty in it. I had some flowers in a vase on my kitchen ledge and my husband threw them away after dinner because they were "dead". I was still enjoying them, it's all in the perception...

    I love coming to your site. You have great content.

  4. Why with all the dead roses? Sound like you're mourning on somethig. Cheer up my friend. Life is short. Keep on living your life to the fullest.

  5. That is just amazing how you did that! I certainly hope your week gets better. When you mentioned bread dough, my first thought was of fresh bread and butter.

  6. a rose, is a rose, is a rose - even a dead one, I agree Ann. It's beautiful.
    You made it look great 'cause you are so talented. Good luck with the rest of the week too!!!

  7. They are beautiful Ann! I like both for the colors choice!

  8. I liked the dried rose too! But then your transformations! I love them both. You're very talented and you have a very good eye.

  9. Hahahahaaa...Whine away Girl! These turned out beautifully!!!hughugs

  10. Bread dough? I feel like I missed something but I can relate to needing to blow off some steam ;D OTOH, I love this rose series--each tweak is a new look at it and your perspective is really cool for the object!

  11. I have to say I prefer the first one although both are so cool!

    Don't worry, we all need a good rant from time to time :)

  12. First of all thank you everyone for all your kind words.

    Wild Thistle. I really do like my job just get a little stressed now and then. Good luck on the job hunting

    January, you are so sweet, thanks so much

    Bambi you are so right, funny how one thing can be seen two different ways.

    Thanks Digivic

    Lunaticg I'm really not in mourning or depressed, I just like beat up old things...lol

    tahtimbo, I'm hoping the week ends soon...lol

    Thanks miawa, you're always so encouraging

    thank you icybc

    buggys, thank you very much, appreciate the compliment

    Donna, well I've got more whine where that came from, now I just need the cheese....lol

    Will oaks, yes bread dough, I'm a baker and this is a very busy week in the bakery, I've been blowing off a lot of steam so far this week...lol

    Theresa thanks, and what better place to rant than on the blog right?...lol


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