Thursday, September 24, 2009

Here comes the bride before and after

I wanted to show you one of the wedding pictures that I worked on. Believe me when I say I am NOT showing you the worst of the pictures Before this is all over I'll post a couple of the super bad ones
This is one from the reception and it's straight off the camera. I had to use the flash so I have that horrible shadow. The red eye does not go well with her dress either.

I don't know exactly what order I did everything in but to give you an idea of how I fixed it I'll list some of the things I did. The first thing was to get rid of the red eye. That one was simple enough. I wanted to get rid of the shadow behind them so I used the clone tool to get rid of that. There was way too much red in the picture so I adjusted the reds in the hue/saturation until I thought it looked good. I wanted to reduce the noise but not loose the focus on the eyes. I duplicated the layer, reduced the noise on the top copy then erased the eyes and teeth. Then on the bottom layer I used the unsharp mask. I think this is a bit of an improvement over the original.

Then I also did a black and white version. I liked it originally but now I'm thinking I may have gone a touch too light with it. What do you think?
Well back to work, I just wanted to pop in and show you I'm still making progress.


  1. Great pictures! They all look good to me, especially the second one. Of course I am not a photographer, so that is not saying too much, but... I would hire you.

    My idea of a good picture is not cutting off the top of the subject's head, and I am not always successful. LOL

    Had serious computer problems for the past few days, back on track now.

  2. I don't know how to do all that fancy editing so don't really understand what you did but I like the result. I would probably cut off some of the space above them - that blank space kinda distracts from them for me at least.

  3. That truly is a talent. I've used photobucket and photoshop and still can't quite figure out what to do. I'm really good at re-sizing....and that's about it. Thanks for the tips

  4. Ann these are beautiful pictures!! I know you can do a lot with a graphics program but you can't completely transform something.

    I think you were way too hard on yourself. I love these...they are fabulous!!

    Now it's your turn for a present!!

    Happy weekend and big hugs!!

  5. Hey Ann,
    I have an award for you :). Please visit my blog to collect it.

  6. Hi Ann!

    I'm clueless when it comes to photo editing and the terms. Yeah, I agree the B&W pic is a bit too white. But that can be adjusted, right? :) I prefer the original picture though. It doesn't look bad to me.

    I'm so glad it's Friday already... lookin forward to the weekend!

  7. My first impression of the adjusted photo was it is too light too. Perhaps if the photo was cropped to eliminate part of the top part it would put the focus on the bride and groom. As I said before I am no photographer or expert, just what I think looks good :)

  8. Nice work! I've never figured out how to de-noise an image without losing some detail, and now I do! Awesome.

    Yes, the b&w is a little light. But the color one looks great!

  9. Again, very nice photos! Color one looks really good. Love the b&w but I agree, it looks a little light.

  10. HI Ann, thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on my Entrecard post. Your blog is on my blog roll so I will continue to visit.

    Great job on the photo editing, by the way!

  11. The black and white one is too light. They both look like drunk fools, though.

  12. The second picture appears to be much sharper and more natural in colour than the original. A nice picture for the album. The black and white needs to be just a little sharper - sometimes when they come out a little feinter I am advised that if you turn them into sepia then sharpen then back to black and white it is, I am told a good way to sharpen up the features. Then again have you tested sepia these often look slightly warmer and might make excellent photographs of a wedding.

  13. Maybe a bit more contrast needed in the black and white version? I love to edit make them the BEST they can be. But when I did a wedding last summer, it seemed I spent just hours AFTER the wedding getting all the photos in shape, whew, bit job! Good luck with it!

  14. Bambi, I cut off heads, feet, arms, you name it I've cut it

    Beaded tail, I agree about the space. Actually I haven't cropped any of the pictures at all, I'm always afraid of cropping too much and ruining the final picture. I'm such a wimp :)

    Roschelle, I've never tried to do anything in photobucket. I still have a lot to learn but I've made a little progress since I first started.

    Hi Jackie, A present? for me? You are just the sweetest

    Swapna wow, I'm honored. I feel like it's my birthday first Jackie, now you.

    Nessa, yes the picture can be adjusted (I saved all the originals) as a matter of fact I've already changed the black and white.

    Jody, thanks, I appreciate the input. I tend to like things that most people don't so it's good to hear what others think. Plus I'm not really a photographer or an expert

    Thanks JD I can't remember where I picked that trick up at I'm just glad I remembered it when I was doing

    DigiVic, thanks

    Buggys, yep that's what I thought, it looked good at first though, I must have been

    Split rock glad you'll still be stopping by, and I will be doing the same with your blog

    Vange actually I don't think they had been drinking at all at that

    Kloggers thanks for the tip, I'm going to have to give that a try, I love sepia ting and agree that it does give a warmer softer look to a photo

    Will Oaks I love the editing too my big problem is always that what I like isn't in tune with what other people I've already put in quite a bit of time working on what I have, can't imagine doing this on a regular basis.

  15. Great job editing! Especially how you got rid of the shadows.

  16. letting you know that i am back and trying to get caught up on my reading and commenting. it seems like i have missed so much. have a wonderful day my friend, much love to you!

  17. Great job on capturing a beautiful couple's moment. I like the black and white version also.

  18. Hey you did a great job on re-coloring that photo! I really need to start working on this for some of my posts at the hybrid chick because my lighting is always off and it sucks! About the only thing I know how to do is screen a second layer and then overlay a thrid and adjust til happy., yours is awesome! I love watching how far you have come in photography ... and all on your own!

  19. Great job on fixing the photo. I do like what you have done with it, but the B&W does seem light. I have been fooling around with picture editing, but you are way far better at it than I. Again, great job!!

  20. Thanks Daisy, the shadows were pretty easy just zoom in close and use the clone tool

    PJ how wonderful to see you back. You've been missed my friend

    Thanks Maria, I have a thing for the black and whites and sepias, I love the look of them

    Hey Tanyia, I have no doubt that if you start playing around you will be way ahead of me in the editing deptartment.

    Kirsten, thanks and I agree about the black and white. I don't know what I was thinking there. Editing is so much fun and the more you play the more you learn. I found though that my prefrences are not always in sinc with other

  21. i have to agree with jackie here in that you are being way too hard on yourself. i think you do a great job and i think the fun in it is to make mistakes and mess around with it. if you like doing this then you should just go with the flow. cut yourself some slack and have fun. congrats on the awards also sweetie, you are very deserving! much love...


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