Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Here comes the bride part 1

I got down to business and did some serious work on the pictures. I came up with some that I think I like, and hope they will too. I got permission from the bride's mom to show you some.

Drum roll please.....

Here are the 6 best that I've got so far.

Somebody say something please so I can stop holding my breath. I think I'm turning blue here....lol Seriously though, I decided to start by going through the whole folder, throw out anything that was a total loss and then just randomly started picking out ones that I thought I could do the best with. Several of them don't look too bad once I reduce the noise and then add a high pass layer to them. Speaking of high pass, does anyone have any pointers about that? Such as in general a good setting to start with?
The one of her dragging him by the collar I also did in color. Then the one with her in the mirror I did in all color too. I did find that a couple look better in black and white or with a sepia tint to them. I told her mom I'm going to need a couple weeks to get through them so I better get back to it. Don't want to keep her waiting too long.


  1. Ann so glad your spirits have lifted. I'm not an expert at technical thingys but if they were my photos I'd be more than happy with what you've done. Especially love the mirror one and the second one. Well done. The photographer for my wedding disappeared before we were back from our honeymoon so all we got were guests snapshots.

    Oh BTW when I'm having a bad day I sing the Fleetwood Mac song, Don't Stop Thinking about Tomorrow.

  2. WoW Ann! My button is on your blog! I'm touched! Thanks so much! Hugs & Kisses!

    Awesome job Ann! You did great! The pictures are fantastic...

    Keep it up!

  3. Those photos are wonderful! Way better than any photo I have of my own wedding and I'm sure the bride is going to love them! I can't see what you were worried about, you did a beautiful job!

  4. Ann, the pictures you took are excellent. I love the Black & White ones, very dramatic! Well done :D

  5. These photos look wonderful to me. I love the artistic look to some of them. When you said you were disappointed I never expected anything as good as this. These are better than I could do on my best day.

  6. I love the third one best, the angle and idea are original. Neat touch up! :)

  7. Hi- stopping by from Ratty's blog. Just wanted to say those pictures are great. I think they are some of the nicest and most interesting wedding photos I have seen. Lovely job :)

  8. Actually ... what were you worrying about these pictures?

    I'm no expert in photography, but I think they're great.

  9. Breathlessly beautiful! So what were you worrying about again? *winky wink* Not bad girl ... you got it!

  10. Looks like you have nothing to worry about that is for sure. Love the blended photos at the altar. There is just one I would try to "fix" up a bit - the 4th photo of them walking with the old white building behind. I find the building is a distraction and was wondering if you could play it down and bring the focus to the couple. Just my thoughts but I am far from being a pro at this :)

  11. OMWord!!! See? All that upset for Nothing! These are Beautiful!! I love the one with her in front of the mirror!!
    Well Done Girl!!hughugs

  12. See, it just takes your talent and creativity! They look beautiful. Love the black and whites.

  13. Ann, I love the second one. You did a fantastic job! I also love the one of the bride looking in the mirror and what you did to it.

  14. Ann, these are marvelous!! Oh my goodness I thought you really had a disaster on your hands. You were truly being way too hard on yourself!!

    These are really fantastic. I love the photos and I also love the creative editing!!

    I am sorry it took me so long to get by but I was down with my satellite again, due to weather and also over usage!!

    Awesome job!!

  15. P.S., Please don't forget me once I am gone from EC!! I am double checking everyone over the next few days to make sure they are on my blog roll!!

    Besides when I start my Photoshop course I may come running to you or June for help!!

    Happy day!:-)

  16. These are absolutely wonderful! I don't know what you were worried about!

  17. Judy, thank you very much. Too bad about your wedding photos. I love Fleetwood Mac

    January, of course your button is on my blog :) love visiting you hope everyone stops by to see you.

    Beaded Tail, I guess I was worried because I had a professional photographer for mine and I was judging my pictures by those and others I've seen done by the pro's. I'm just silly that way...lol thanks for the compliments though

    thank you Nessa, and glad you stopped by.

    Oh come on Ratty, you've had some pretty good pics up on your blog. but thank you I appreciate it.

    Vanilla, thanks I'm not sure where I got the idea for that one, just popped in my head.

    Bemused, glad you stopped by, and thank you very much

    thanks Buzzing, worrying is what I do best :)

    thanks DigiVic, means a lot

    thanks Jody, any suggestions on what to do to tone down the building a bit?

    Donna, thanks so much hugs to you

    Buggys, thanks, I'm kind of partial to the b&w too

    Theresa, thanks so much, I was pretty happy with the way that one turned out too. The bride also liked that. I guess that one's a winner :)

    Jackie, thanks, I always am too hard on myself...lol When I first looked at them I really did think it was worse. Once I got determined it wasn't as bad as I thought. And what do you mean forget about you? HOW COULD I, now way. Love you and your blog.

    Thanks Angel, worrying is what I do best I guess...lol

  18. Lovely shots and nice treatment on the manipulated ones. I can certainly understand your stress level in shooting weddings - one of the reasons I don't do them any more :-) But you did a great job!

  19. I love wedding photos and these are just beautiful.

  20. I have to agree with everyone else. You've got some great, interesting shots here! I especially like how you've experimented and done different things with each of them. The third is an awesome candid shot! And I love the two with that old weathered building in the background...be proud of yourself, Ann!

  21. I like the third one a lot. Is the groom being dragged to the alter? ;)

  22. I love all the snaps.. I think you were kidding when u told that you haven't done this before ..!!!

  23. Beautiful shots, and wonderful moment captured, Ann!

  24. Ann you are doing a great job on them! I really think they will be happy with them! I like that you have done some serious and have some with a fun edge to them as well! I can not wait to see more!

  25. Visions, I can't imagine doing this for a living, maybe it's gets easier but I don't think I could get past the beginners stress. :)

    Thank you Maria, and glad you stopped by.

    Thanks so much Holly, The third one is actually my favorite and I was thrilled that they liked the idea of doing it.

    My owl barn, yep he sure is....lol

    Swapna, no I wasn't kidding

    Icy BC thanks so much,

    Tanyia, thank you, I have soooooooo much more to work on. Wanna help sis?....lol


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