Wednesday, September 30, 2009

HEY! Guess what?

Can you guess? Can you? Huh? Huh?


Want me to tell you then?

Are you sure?

OK so I may be getting carried away a little bit here but I'm excited and I like to act immature sometimes :)
The great news is....
Oh wait, before I tell you the great news, I have to show you this (I'm such a When I was taking pictures at the wedding the bride kept shutting her eyes and her mom was telling her to knock it off. I told her not to worry because if I had to I could always cut eyes out of one picture and paste them on another. She thought that was really cool and wondered if I could switch heads too. But of course I I think she may have had certain people in mind but since I don't know exactly which ones I took it upon myself to pick a couple and switch their heads. I'm throwing this one in and I labeled it "What is that"

I'm not going to mention it and see what she
OK so the great new is "I'M DONE" yeah me!!!!!!!!!! I finished the last one earlier this evening and I transferred all the pictures on to a disc. I have lightscribe so I need to burn a label on to the disc yet. My only problem is that I've never used it so I'm not exactly sure how but I'll figure it out. Now I can get back to working on some fun stuff for you guys. That and maybe working on some of the craft projects that I started.


  1. Oh Ann, this is cute and funny! LOL!

    Congrats!You've finally finished your project! I'm sure the couple will like your work!

    Goodluck on the lightscribe, hope you can figure it out and if you did, teach me how to use it too.. LOL

    Have a nice day! hugs!

  2. Congratulations! It's great to hear that you've finished. Considering the amount of work you put in, you have every right to be excited. Hope you have a restful evening. For us it's Ghost Hunters!

  3. ROFL I love it, Ann! heheheh, I bet the are gonna ROFL for real lol. I bet you are glad to be done! Great job, now I am waiting to see what's up your sleeve next! :P

  4. Okay, that's pretty freaky but also pretty funny! Congratulations on completing everything though!

  5. Whew, a mutant bridal party?? You really make it realistic and convincing! Kind of creepy, though....

  6. That is soooooo funny. I know the Bride and Groom will appreciate all you have done.

    I could do with some tutorials on switching heads, eyes etc if you have time to teach some day :)

  7. I Love this!!Hahaaa...Glad you're finish!!hughugs

  8. hahaha!! Yeah, you're too funny! But seriously, you brought it!

  9. OMG....ROFL! That's hideous. Thank God they don't really look that way. You made a funny!!

  10. what a great little surprise for them. i would love to see their faces when they come to this pic! congrats on finishing this project, it was awesome!

    have a great day my friend...hugz!

  11. Wow! You did it so well Ann! Hilarious! :D

  12. Even your junk items come out so well. Now you can be a professional wedding photographer.

  13. Thanks for the smile!! Just what I needed!! Lol.

  14. January, thanks, actually the lightscribe wasn't all that hard, just follow the promts on the screen.

    Tahtimbo, ghost hunters huh? sounds exciting.

    Tanyia, hmmm think that sick sense of humor may come from a family gene?

    Beaded tail, yeah i thought it looked pretty freaky too when I was doing

    untopable spirt, got to get my laughs some how :)

    Will oaks, mutant bridal party, yeah that's it, kind of has a nice ring to it

    jody, maybe that will be in the works next

    donna, me too.

    vickie, I try :)

    roschelle, I'm hoping the girl and guy have a sense of humor if they ever see this picture because like you said, it's

    Me too PJ oh to be a fly on the

    Thanks Vanilla, it was a fun way to end my project.

    Grampy, no thanks!!!!!!!!!!

    June, any time, glad I could give you one.

  15. oh I love the pic..and it is true...the women do always where the trousers...why not start as you mean to go on!!!!

  16. Congratulations, Ann! See? You did it and a great job, too, I'm sure. Hee-hee, funny switch here!

  17. Ann this is just the perfect thing to top it off with. How creative and fun of you to think to do this? It's a marvelous idea. I think they will really cherish their memories so much by this one simple and wonderful gesture on your part!!

    Hope you are having a good Sunday!
    Jackie XX

  18. allotments4you, ha ha, yes the women usually do

    earthtoholly and Jackie, I'm not so sure now. Got a voicemail from the mom saying they just looked at the pics and the bride wants ALL the pics even if they are bad. What's up with that? Never said a word about what she thought about the ones I gave them.


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