Thursday, September 17, 2009

One more day

Just one more gigantic day and my week is over. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I get to work this morning only to find that after I left yesterday they added more orders. They gave me an additional 27 loaves of bread to bake today. Then for tomorrow I've added another 10 loaves Italian bread, and 2 small orders, one for 2 dozen croissants and one for 2 loaves of pumpernickel bread. The good news is that I don't have the cakes to do anymore. Why don't I? Because the boss's brilliant solution to relieving tomorrows work load was to do the cakes today and increase my work load today. Must be why he makes the big bucks. He came in this morning to discuss tomorrows orders with me. This was while I was trying to finish my donut order and sugar and glaze was flying I ever so kindly (well maybe not kindly) told him that if he wanted to discuss it with me he could catch me on my break, I was too busy at the moment to talk to him.

So more of Sundays pictures. As we were leaving the park I was snapping away at anything and everything that caught my eye. This is the guards booth at the entrance.

I got lucky and caught a Seagull in flight. He was flying right at me and I managed to semi focus in on him. Yeah me!

Here's a picture of the whole band. The name of the band by the way is The Nightmare and they are out of Cleveland Ohio. If you want you can check them out at

That's it for tonight. If I survive tomorrow I'll try and post a couple more pics. I scheduled Monday and Tuesday of next week as vacation days so after tomorrow I have 4 heavenly days of rest.

One more thing I almost forgot about. Check out my brand new slide show on the right. It was made for me by my wonderful friend Miawa from She came by and stole my pictures to make it for me. Isn't she a doll? She's also brand new to Entrecard so stop by and see her and give her a drop.

Have a good night everyone


  1. I love the bird, and I like the look of the band. I hope the band sounded good too.

  2. Hi Ann! You have captured the seagull perfectly! Have a Good Baking Day!

  3. Bosses are so wonderful.They have no problem with interupting you as long as it is to give you more work. The pictures are wonderful. I love the seagull shot.
    Well don't work too hard.hahaha

  4. Hang in there Ann! The week is almost through ;)
    Cool pics - TFS!

    Nice slideshow Miawa!

  5. The band looks fun, hopefully the songs too! Have a great weekend Ann! :)

  6. Well, Glad you're going to get a Long weekend sweetie!! You enjoy yourself now!!!hughugs

  7. Looks like my sort of band! Hang in there through all the baking, too.

  8. Great pic of the seagull and I love the guard shack, the colors and the feeling of it. Don't get lost in the flour! Have a good weekend.

  9. Enjoy the days sounds like you need them!! Have a great weekend!!

  10. Ratty, actually the sounded great. Of course you have to be a fan of that kind of music which on occasion I am :)

    January, thanks, I was amazed that it was actually that focused

    Grampy, yeah aren't bosses just

    DigiVic thanks for the cheer

    Vanilla, they were pretty cool, hope you have a good weekend too, Take lots of pictures :)

    Donna, yeah, thank goodness for long weekends

    Susan, I like that kind of music normally go for something a little more mellow

    Buggys I thought the guard shack was pretty cool looking too

    June, yep, I sure do. you have a good weekend too

  11. Wow Ann you got a fantastic shot of the seagull in flight!! It is not easy getting a good clear shot of a bird in flight!! Yay for you!!

    I am glad your weekend is coming also!! I hope you get the time to really kick back and catch up on some rest!!

    Happy weekend!!

  12. You are one busy lady! Hope you are taking a breather right this minute. The shot of the seagull is so beautiful. Enjoy the weekend:)


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