Sunday, September 20, 2009

Twists, turns and tied up in knots

Sometimes that's just the way life is.

No news on the photos from the wedding yet. I haven't been brave enough to look at them. I do know for certain though that the ones from the reception are horrible. It was so dark in there that the only way I could get a picture was to use my flash. Unfortunately I don't have a DSLR only a lowly point and shoot. It was a nice distraction though spending the day playing with my camera.
Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. Ann, I'm sure that the photos will be great. If you did need to lighten or sharpen any from the reception then perhaps you could do so through one of the photo enhance programs - there is probably something online that is free. Well having said that I just had to go online to see for myself and have typed in photo enhancement freeware and the following came up:

    Not sure whether it is any good - you may find quite a few others if you look around the Net. I hope that it all turns out all right in the end - I'm sure it will.


  2. And to add t Polly's note, I can really improve some of my marginal images with Google's free Picassa 3 photo organizer & editor. It's really easy to use, too. But I also wanted to say how much I like the image you've posted at the top of your note here. I find it really compelling!

  3. I bet they are better than you are thinking they are and with editing programs, you can make them great!

  4. If you took them I am sure they will be great.You can just use your viewer sometimes to change contrast and brightness.
    Looking forward to seeing them.

  5. Ann, they will turn out great since you're an artist already..Love the image above!

  6. Alright now!! I'll bet they're fine! If not, use your photo program to edit them!
    You were simply Brave for Doing it!!hughugs


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