Saturday, February 28, 2009


This is some word art that I made the other day for a kit I'm working on. I got to thinking about it this morning and had to laugh. Just the other day, my attitude was a BIG thing that made little Yes, I admit it, I have a big attitude problem sometimes. (OK so most of the time, but who's keeping track anyway?)
As for the kit, I'm not really sure if it's going anywhere or not. At this point it just seems to be a bunch of random things thrown I can't even think of what to call it. Maybe I should do a "name that kit" contest. The winner gets a candy bar. Of course if no one reads my blog and I end up naming it myself I would have to eat the candy bar. Hmmm, now there's an idea

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cafe Mom Scrap Challenge Week 5

I know this should have gone up last weekend but due to lack of brain power I let it run an extra week. This challenge was to do a layout highlighting the positive and negative sides of yourself.
This one was done by Whiteprincess2k. I love the way she did her background

This is by Texanmommy. I thought she had some pretty cool effects on here

Miawa did this next one. Great background texture, and her layout proves that pictures are not always necessary.

Finally, here is the one that I did as the example

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I took the challenge

Another one of my cafe mom groups, Scrapkit design 101, posted a challenge. I didn't have to come up with a very big kit for this one. The requirements were to follow a given color palette, design 5 papers, 5 elements and 3 frames. I'll admit that this is not the best work I've ever done. The color scheme isn't really my style but that's the one that was given.
So anyway here it is. I just called this one Springtime.

If you would like the freebie you can get it by clicking HERE

More spring fling

Just a little something I was working on this morning. I made some ribbon flowers and glass buttons to go with my Spring Fling kit.

If you like them you can grab the add on freebie by clicking HERE
If you already picked up the kit then you'll recognize the papers, those are not included in this add on.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A second look

I tend to have a bad habit of taking pictures, downloading them on my computer, looking at them and getting disgusted. If I do think a picture has potential I might do an edit on it, but then still not be very happy with the way it looks. Yesterday I was looking for a particular picture and came across two pictures that I had done edits on. I had turned them to black and whites and apparently wasn't very impressed with them at the time, because they were still in the original folder. When I saw them yesterday I couldn't believe I hadn't moved them to the file that I keep all my favorite edits in. I was amazed at how good they looked. (Good, as defined by my untrained eye). A professional photographer may disagree with me But no matter because I was impressed with myself when I took that second look at them, and in the end I think that's all that really matters. Take a look and tell me what you think.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'm springing for a freebie

After I put up my last post I set my mind on finishing a little project I've been working on. The winter weather has been wearing away at me and making me long for warmer climates. To help ease the chill, I came up with my new kit "Spring Fling" It's full of soft colors and spring time elements. You get 14 papers, 31 elements, 1 folded edge paper and 1 quick page.

Now that you've checked out the preview, spring on over to 4 shared and grab the freebie HERE

Happy Valentines Day and my progress for the day

First I want to wish all the wonderful people who stop by my blog a Happy Valentine's day.

This is just a little card I made from a picture of a dollar store stuffed animal. He's sitting on my desk watching me right now and thrilled that his picture is being

I worked on doing another layout with some old pictures this morning. When I opened up the pictures I knew that the perfect kit to use with them would be Gingerscraps Beach glass kit. I'm pretty happy with the way this one turned out.

And finally just a few edits that I did some time ago and thought I would share with you.

Friday, February 13, 2009

It's been a while

I had a bit of a computer issue so I've been trying to get that cleared up and didn't have the time to post. But tonight I'm back and sharing a few of the things I've done recently.

I got the idea for this layout from a gallery I was browsing through one day. I loved the idea.

This one I did the other day. I've been trying to go through all the pictures on my computer and either do edits on them or use them for scrap book pages. These are just a few pictures we took when we went to the spillway in Linesville, Pennsylvania. We usually go there at least once a year for something to do. Not a lot of excitement there, just a lot of fish, ducks and seagulls.

This is a valentine I made up to send to all of my email contacts.

This last one is an edit I did for a cafe mom challenge. I loved the way it turned out.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

CafeMom Scrap challenge week 4

Another scrap challenge completed over at cafe mom I got the idea for this one from, it was to do a Scrapbook page on a slant.
The link for that is
The kit I used for my page was a freebie by Elisa Holt called "fresh and fun". You can find her blog at

Now on to the other layouts
This one was done by TaterLvsMommy and just like her title, the page is beautiful

Our wonderful group owner outdid herself last week and did not one but two layouts. These were done by Miawa. Don't you just love the animal print background on the first one? The colors are fantastic. This one was actually the second page she did.
This next one was her first attempt at the challenge. I think she did a great job with this one too. The soft colors and the rose in the background are beautiful.
We didn't have a whole lot of participation in the challenge last week, but for those who joined in I think they did GREAT!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Folded edges

I've always loved the way folded edges look on a scrap book page. My only problem has been that I could never really get them to look very realistic. Not to mention the fact that it always seems to take so long to do them. Well I finally found a tutorial that I really liked, and I was pleased with the results. I decided to make a template so that I wouldn't have to redo the whole process every time I wanted to use that effect on a page. If you would like to try the tutorial out for yourself you can find it at Scroll down the page just a little to find the tut.
If you don't want to do all the work yourself you can always just snag the template I made because I'm giving it as a freebie today.

you can get the download by clicking HERE

And here is a layout I did using the template. I was pretty happy with the way this one turned out. What do you think?

Valentines Day Frames

My after work unwinding time was spent making a couple of frames for Valentines Day. Hope you like them.

You can grab them by clicking HERE

Monday, February 2, 2009

Scratch the last post

OK so scratch the last post I added about the new I really wasn't making it all up :) She decided to start over since there was already another blog (more established) with the same name. Her new blog is She has a freebie up on that one now also, it's different than the first one I showed you but I forgot to snag the preview to show it to you here.

New blogger with her first kit

Hey everyone, just wanted to give a little plug here to a brand new blogger. She put up her very first digi scrap kit. And best of all it's a freebie.

and here is the preview of her first kit.

Cafe mom group

After my last post someone had asked for the URL for the photo editing group that I was posting about. I've posted it in the past but never gave it much thought after that (silly me) For anyone interested in joining the group the home page is
The name of the group is Photo editing beginners, although I don't really consider myself a beginner, this is one of my favorite groups. You'll find some of the most friendliest people there. So if you are in to editing feel free to join us, we would love to have you there.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

CafeMom Scrap challenge week 3

Last weeks theme for my cafe mom scrap challenge was seasons. Everyone had to make a page using 4 pictures, 1 to represent each season of the year. And the entries are:
Topaz: Aren't her pictures great? I just love the pink colors she used too.

Taterlvsmommy: This one is just adorable. Great colors and the clipart she used is so cute

Whiteprincess2k: I just loved the black and red together on this one

This one is mine

Miawa: Now who wouldn't love anything with Mickey and Minnie on it?
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