Sunday, February 1, 2009

CafeMom Scrap challenge week 3

Last weeks theme for my cafe mom scrap challenge was seasons. Everyone had to make a page using 4 pictures, 1 to represent each season of the year. And the entries are:
Topaz: Aren't her pictures great? I just love the pink colors she used too.

Taterlvsmommy: This one is just adorable. Great colors and the clipart she used is so cute

Whiteprincess2k: I just loved the black and red together on this one

This one is mine

Miawa: Now who wouldn't love anything with Mickey and Minnie on it?


  1. What exactly is the URL for your challenge group? I can't seem to find it at CafeMom.


    Well we both know I don't have the "thing" for putting these things together but I never quit! I will keep trying to get better. I like the jungle one I put up on your post this week, I'm happy with that one.


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