Friday, August 31, 2012


So last night we are having dinner. I finish eating and get up to start cleaning up the kitchen. I pulled the garbage can out and had it sitting behind me so I could empty it when I was done doing the dishes. I fill the sink and start washing dishes. Wade is still sitting at the table eating and Duke is outside barking.
Wade turns around and says: Are you going to take that garbage out?
Me: Yeah, when I'm done with the dishes.
Wade: Why don't you do it now. The dog has been out there barking for 5 minutes.
Me: yeah? (said out loud) so you go let him in if he's bothering you (was said in my head)

Can you guess what happened next?
a) I stormed off in a huff, garbage in hand and let Duke in
b) Wade got up and let Duke in and then finished his dinner
c) Duke continued barking, Wade kept eating and I finished doing the dishes

answer after the picture

And the answer is b. Apparently Duke's barking was bothering him much more than it was bothering me.

Oh and by the way, that's not last nights dinner. Those are the stuffed mushrooms we had the last time we went to Red Lobster.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cell snaps

For something a little different today I thought I would go to my cell phone and see what pictures I had there. I found several but the one I'm going to show you I took yesterday.
On my lunch I took a little stroll up the street. I don't know what business used to be in this place but now it's used by someone for storage. They fill the window displays with antiques and assorted other things. Recently they started opening it up 2 days a week for a sale. I guess it's their version of a yard sale. Anyway, they have had a gorgeous antique sewing machine in the window for ages. When I walked by there yesterday I saw that it had been sold so I thought I would get a picture of it before it's gone.
I suppose it is possible that this is just the table and there isn't actually a sewing machine inside but either way I loved it. I tried to find some information on Dome`s but couldn't come up with anything. Truth is I didn't look very hard. I'm curious about how much this sold for.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Me me me

I wanna talk about ME. Well not really but Sandra gave me the suggestion of taking my picture from yesterday into Picmonkey and giving myself a makeover so that's what I did.

I tried to change my hair color but it wasn't working for me so I gave up on that. I'll have to rely on Clairol for that one. I did give myself a tan, bright white teeth and green eyes though. Not to mention ironing out some of those wrinkles. Oh and I almost forgot, I'm sporting pretty pink lipstick too. Won't see that on me in real life.

Then after that I added a grungy type overlay that I liked the look of. 
Alright I'm done talking about me now. I'm feeling a bit full of myself now so I better stop. Tomorrow I'll be back with something else.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What are you doing?

Hey mom, what the heck are you doing?

I'm attempting to take a self portrait Duke.

I don't get it. Why are you doing that?
Because I can Duke, because I can.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Big sigh, it's Monday again

I'm starting my day off feeling envious of all of you who don't have to go through the Monday morning blues. While some of you are leisurely starting your morning all I have is the satisfaction in knowing that, for a change, I didn't totally waste my weekend.
Duke and I started the morning outside.
I enjoyed a cup of coffee

Duke did his daily inspection of the back yard.

After all the work I did on Saturday I didn't have a whole lot of energy left but I did go out and get my hair cut. I also did a little playing with the camera which I haven't been using too much lately.

I worked on a little craft project and gave some thought to a couple others that I want to do. All in all it was a great weekend. I hope that it's followed by a very productive week ahead.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Color me happy

What a great day I had yesterday. I got so much accomplished. I'm very proud of myself. We started the day off by going out to breakfast and then headed out to do our weekly shopping. When we got back home Wade headed outside to clean the filter on the pool and wash the car. While he was doing that I got busy doing some much needed cleaning. I got far more done than I had intended and it was so nice to sit and relax at the end of the day in my very clean house. For all I managed to do there is still lots more I need to tackle but I'll get there.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


What shall we do first today.

Maybe we'll just think about it for a while

Friday, August 24, 2012

Oh I don't know, but at least it's Friday

Some days I really wonder if I should bother doing a blog post. It's not that I don't want to do one, it's that I really don't have anything to say or share. Today would be one of those days. At least it's Friday though. Some of you probably have big plans for the weekend while others are just looking for a little time to unwind and relax.

However you plan on spending the weekend, I hope you take some time for yourself and just enjoy.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

So many choices

There were far too many possibilities for today's post title to settle on just one.
"Can we say DUH"
"Know your device"
"Well I'll be darned"
and the list goes on and on and on.

Duke thinks I should have gone with
"If I don't look at her maybe she'll go away"
If I explain the reason for all those choices then I have to admit what a dope I can be sometimes. Since most of you have been regulars around here for quite a while you already know that so I'll explain.
I've had my laptop for almost 2 years now and I JUST found out that it DOES have a slot for my SD card. HA HA, what do you know. Go figure. Desk top still isn't working but now not only can I carry around my external hard drive but I can pop my memory card into the front of my laptop to download my pictures. If Wade doesn't take a look at my computer before the end of the weekend I may have to take Sandie's advice and resort to tears.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Help from the boss

The other day I was reading my kindle while I was on break and the boss comes in to get a cup of coffee. He says don't you have any games on that thing? I told him about a game I recently downloaded called 100 floors and he was really interested in it. I opened up the game and I showed him how it worked. I told him I had been stuck on one of the floors and couldn't figure out how to move on.
Yesterday I'm sitting outside on lunch and the boss comes around the corner. He says do you have your game with you? I pull it out and there I am still stuck on the same floor. He says that he downloaded the game from his daughter on her Ipad and her and his son were already up to level 23. He's was trying to figure out how they got past the floor I was on and couldn't remember so he pulls out his cell phone and calls home to ask his daughter. I guess I know who to go to now if I have any more problems.

Wade is going to have to play around with my pc though to figure out what's going on there. Sandra (a.k.a. madsnapper) sent me a link yesterday about a Pinterest Virus. I really hope that isn't what happened to my computer. I love that website.

I'm being lazy and skipping the picture for today.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lost in space

Yes, I believe that possibly my brain is lost in space somewhere. Sunday I was making myself a cup of coffee. I added the sugar then reached in the refrigerator for my york peppermint patty creamer, popped the top and poured. Wait, my creamer doesn't have a pull tab top on it. Funny but my creamer also doesn't come in an aluminum can. It seems I opened a can of iced tea and poured that in my coffee. I laughed hysterically when I realized what I did and Wade? He did his typical eye roll.

Duke is a happy camper. Just look at all the floor space he has now when he hangs out with me in the craft room.

So the computer is a yes and no situation. It is working but not well. I was able to get my pictures downloaded so that's a good thing. It took me 10 minutes to go through 3 emails though. Surprisingly when I told Wade about it he didn't give me the typical interrogation about what I did wrong. Guess it was pretty good for a Monday. Hope today goes just as well.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Well here we are, another Monday. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. For a change we DIDN'T have to do any running around. We did have plans for Saturday to go to a race but I told Wade to see if one of his friends wanted to go with him because I was just ready to chill out at home.

I don't know where it came from but I got a burst of energy yesterday and once again cleaned out my craft room. This time though instead of just reorganizing everything and making it neat I grabbed garbage bags and started pitching things. I filled one big box with assorted junk that I'm giving to a girl I used to work with. It was a great feeling cleaning all the junk and clutter out.

While I was busy with that Duke was busy with a bone. As a matter of fact I think they are even called busy bones.
We kept each other company while we were busy.

On another note, my desktop computer is acting up and I have no idea what's going on with it. I still have the laptop and since all my pictures are on a removable hard drive that isn't a problem. But when it comes to putting new pictures on the hard drive I need my desktop. My laptop doesn't have a slot for the memory card from my camera. I guess I'm going to have to break down and tell Wade. I can hear it now "Have you been on Facebook again?" That's what he blamed the last crash on.
Well if I don't have any pictures tomorrow you'll know why.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Boos from booze

My daughter sent me a text message a week or so ago with a picture and the message "I think you should make this"
This is the picture she sent and I can't tell you where she found it because I have no idea but it's rather cute.

So one of Wade's friends owns a local bar. They serve a pretty darn good breakfast and it's really cheap. We were in there on a Sunday morning and while we were eating I was looking at all the booze bottles behind the bar and I said to Wade "I wonder what they do with all those when they're empty" He asks why of course and I told him about the picture Amanda sent me. So I said why don't you ask Tim if he'll save me a couple.
I never really gave it another thought until he came home with a box on Friday. There were 2 bottles shaped like the one in the picture Amanda sent and then these.

and this

and this one is my personal favorite.
So now I guess I have to attempt to make that "Bottle of Boos" that Amanda thinks I should make. Personally I'm guessing that what she really meant to say was "I think you should make this for me" Since I'm in to the primitive look now I also thought that some of these would look good with some antique labels and the grubby look.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A little of this and a little of that

Happy Saturday everyone. I hope your weekend is off to a great start.

This may be a bit odd after such a cheery opening but I just have to say that I find overly saccharin sweet people to be highly annoying. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a warm smile and a positive outlook but people who have that bouncy, super sweet please and thank  you way of talking is like nails on a chalk board to me.

OK, enough of that. You know I'm on my new creative path to primitive right? Well I have done stupendous at collection ideas and inspiration. I have a pinterest board just for rustic/primitive ideas . With all those ideas collected you would think that I would be in a crafting frenzy now wouldn't you? Well then you would be thinking wrong. I did make those cinnamon coated tea lights that I showed you and I tried out the grubby jar tutorial that I found.
I don't know if I did that exactly right or not but it came out looking pretty grubby to me and I rather like it. Now it just needs a little homespun fabric tied around it and maybe a candle in there and it's good to go.

I had a little supervision while I was taking the picture. Duke is very good at technical advice.

Obviously we have settled our differences and have agreed to share the blog.

Speaking of the blog, I'm still trying to (or at least5 thinking about trying to) change the whole look around here. It may be time to just hang it up and say forget about it.

So the weekend plan is to do our usual Saturday morning running around and then from there it's whatever happens happens.
Duke says that an extra long walk should happen.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Getting even

I would like to apologize for Duke's snooty behavior yesterday. I really don't know what got into him. Just because he got a haircut he thinks he's some kind of celebrity or something. I know that since you all love him so much you will be more than willing to forgive him.We had a little talk and worked things out. Just to get even with him though I ate a whole Dove chocolate bar right in front of him and thoroughly enjoyed it. I tried to do a self portrait but couldn't hold the camera still since Duke had me laughing so much. He on the other hand doesn't look too amused.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Who is that lady

Hello everyone. I'm taking over the blog today because.....well because I can. Not to mention that I am a much better blogger than my mom is.
If I only had fingers I bet that I could be a much better photographer than she is too. 

I would go so far as to say that I can do anything better than she can, I can do anything better than her.
I tried to tell her than just last night and she had the nerve to tell me to prove it. Can you believe that one?
Well I looked her square in the eye and I told her that I didn't have to prove it because I know it and so does all of blog land. So there.

Did I mention that she was a little stingy with the puperoni's last night?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lost it

It's gone and I have no idea where it went. The last time I recall seeing it was on Saturday at the thrift shop. If you spot my energy roaming around out there somewhere would you please send it back to me?
The picture was from this date last year.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I ♥ thrifting part 2

Are you ready to see the rest of what I got at the thrift store? Well ready or not here it is.

First up is this little framed piece. I love the ruler frame on it and who can beat 39 cents. The funny thing is that my friend Debbie recently found a similar treasure or her most recent thrift store adventure.

I liked this little green chair and the basket. I had taken the price tags off of them before I thought to tell you how much I paid for this stuff.

I thought this little wood basket was pretty cute too. Perhaps a little pricey at 69 cents though.

Finally my most favorite find of the day was this table. This spot in my living room has been empty and needing something and for $19.99 this table was a good buy. I saw another one for the same price but it was very wobbly and this one is quite sturdy. A few marks on the top but easily covered with a doily.
I finally pushed my cart to the register and the grand total was $32.00. Then they gave me a certificate that was good for $5 off my next purchase of $10 or more. You know I'm going to have to go back so I can use that. How can I not?

Monday, August 13, 2012

I ♥ thrifting

Saturday while Duke was getting himself all spiffed up I hit another thrift store. Let me just tell you that I had to force myself to the register so that I didn't buy any more.
I'll show you half today and half tomorrow.
I thought this little cat was cute and for 59 cents how could I pass it up. I had to tell Duke that it was really a dog though.

This wood bowl will look nice on the middle of my dining room table. I want to paint it and then sand the edges a bit but I'm not sure what color I want to paint this one just yet.

I was thrilled when I found these wood bowls. I know they are a salad set but I have other plans for them. Can you believe all 5 bowls were only $1.69?

Going through the craft section I found all kinds of little treasures. Some as cheap as 19 cents.
Tomorrow I'll show you the rest and give you the grand total for how much I spent.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Drum Roll please

But first.....

I must ramble a bit.

The plan for yesterday didn't go exactly as I thought it would.
Yes, I took Duke to the groomer.
Yes, I went to the thrift shop.
No, I didn't work on any craft projects.
And No, I didn't do any cleaning.

We had a chilly, dreary kind of day and I had zip for energy once I got back home

It's ok though because I got to cuddle on the couch with this handsome little devil.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

weekend what not

Just some random thoughts and pictures today.

Apparently I must have been a little tired when I wrote yesterday's post. I seemed to have stopped it in mid though. I remember typing a sentence and then backspacing because it didn't sound quite right. It must have been then that I got distracted by something else and just hit the publish.
I meant to something something like "I think of it as $10 worth of fun"

The other evening I was sitting outside and the sky was absolutely beautiful

Everywhere you looked there were pink cotton candy clouds.

It was getting dark and Duke was still busy with his yard scent patrol. I thought I would see what kind of weird pictures I could get with a very slow shutter speed.
I call this ghost Duke

We are off to the groomers this morning finally. There should be plenty of new Duke pictures coming since he'll be looking extra handsome. I think while he's getting himself all spiffed up I think I'll go check out another thrift shop.

The only other plan I have for the weekend is trying out some new projects, catching up with some blogs and maybe if there's time left over I'll do a little cleaning.

Hope your weekend gets off to a great start

Friday, August 10, 2012

I had a vision

When the weather is nice I like to go outside for my breaks and lunch. It had rained right before I went to lunch yesterday so my normal spot to sit was all wet. I didn't want to stay in the store so I ventured across the street to the thrift shop.
I envy people who can walk in to places like that and when they see a piece of junk they can envision it as something else. Me, I normally just see junk
BUT yesterday I found a few things that I really could see as something else.

First were these black coffee mugs. I had seen mugs similar to this on Pinterest that were turned into pin cushions.

 I loved the look of this basket. The picture is bad but it looks like it's made out of some kind of tree branches.

These blue and white speckled bowls will look great with some potpourri and maybe a candle.

And finally this thing. The pale pink color and the word spring painted on the side make it kind of not so attractive to me. But I saw it painted black with the edges sanded up a bit holding canning jars or something.
I also picked up a couple of black cake pans that I may or may not make in to something else. I haven't quite decided just yet. So how much did I spend? Some would say too much, some would say I did ok. I think of it as

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Small towns

I just love the look of a small town that has been well preserved. Linesville, Pennsylvania is one such town. The shops have such an old time feel about them. I've driven through so many times and thought I really should stop and take some pictures but I never have the time. Sunday morning when I was on my way to the park for the craft show I made the time to pull over and take a few shots.
I don't have the originals to show you but I have a few that I touched up with the impressionist brush.

Now I have to find the time to browse through some of these places.

A new direction

Hmm, I'm calling this a new direction but come to think of it I don't know if I've ever followed any one direction before. I've always pretty much been all over the place with the crafts that I do. I've bounced from crochet to paper to fabric and jumped on everything in between. I've also never stuck to any kind of theme before.
Until now.
Let me rephrase that. Lets just say that I'm attempting to stick with a specific theme while hanging on to my craft medium jumping jacks.
I can't remember if I told you that we are going to try for a rustic/primitive theme for any craft shows we do. I scoured pinterest (I love that website) to find ideas and I came up with quite a few very cool ones.
I had the materials to try one out yesterday.
These are inexpensive to make, quick to do and look so darn cute. They kind of smell good too. I brushed on a layer of regular old white glue and then sprinkled them with cinnamon. I didn't cover them too well the first time around so I did a second layer. I still need to brush some glue over the top to seal them up a bit but they are pretty much done. These lights come in a package of 2 for $1.00 at the dollar store and the 50 cent bottle of cheap cinnamon will go a long way.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

More on the weekend

Since I didn't really divulge too much information about the craft show in my post yesterday, I'll share a little bit more about it today

Saturday was HOT HOT HOT and there was quite a crowd.
This was my side of the booth. Yes, you see a dead tree branch and a bunch of logs in the picture. I used the tree branch to hang ornaments on and the logs I found in the back yard had a nice split in them that was perfect for holding some of my thin paper items. I rigged up a cardboard stand that I covered with fabric and then set the logs on top.

This is Debbie's side of the booth. Hers looks a little nicer. Mine just sort of resembles some of the messes I have in my house :)

This is a cupcake stand that I made out of old plates and little glasses. I used this for a display piece although had someone asked I would have sold it to them. I took a picture of it while I was sitting there and bored during a slow period.

My first sale of the day were these mouse trap magnets. I threw these together Friday afternoon at the last minute. A lady came in and took all three. That's all I made since I wasn't sure how they were going to go together so I only bought one pack of traps.
  Now here is something that really got me on Saturday. The crowd was huge and there were so many people walking around with their dogs. Of course we all love our fur babies and it's nice to take them along with us but in the heat with all those people AND the owners were walking around with a drink in their hand but when was the last time those poor pups had a drink? They were all panting their little hearts out. I wished I would have had a bowl to put out some water for them.

Sunday morning I got to the park around 8:30 or 8:45 and walked over to the beach before I started setting up. The sky wasn't looking so good.

Debbie kept an eye on the weather radar all day and we had a good idea of when to expect the rain. It turned out not as bad as we thought and we only got the one downpour. She even managed to sell one of her lamps while it was raining.
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