Friday, August 10, 2012

I had a vision

When the weather is nice I like to go outside for my breaks and lunch. It had rained right before I went to lunch yesterday so my normal spot to sit was all wet. I didn't want to stay in the store so I ventured across the street to the thrift shop.
I envy people who can walk in to places like that and when they see a piece of junk they can envision it as something else. Me, I normally just see junk
BUT yesterday I found a few things that I really could see as something else.

First were these black coffee mugs. I had seen mugs similar to this on Pinterest that were turned into pin cushions.

 I loved the look of this basket. The picture is bad but it looks like it's made out of some kind of tree branches.

These blue and white speckled bowls will look great with some potpourri and maybe a candle.

And finally this thing. The pale pink color and the word spring painted on the side make it kind of not so attractive to me. But I saw it painted black with the edges sanded up a bit holding canning jars or something.
I also picked up a couple of black cake pans that I may or may not make in to something else. I haven't quite decided just yet. So how much did I spend? Some would say too much, some would say I did ok. I think of it as


  1. Some nice things there :)
    Have a great day


  2. Great finds! I would have picked up the basket and the wooden bottle holder too :)

  3. I go through the thrift shops and actually 'shop' when I go twice a year ---to donate clothes. I have found some really neat things there sometimes. But I usually look for holiday stuff, Christmas and, on the other hand look for crafting ideas. And I'm sure you'll do something very artful with everything you found.

    OH, and !LOVE! the texture effect on your Pennsylvania town in the post below. got rain? Color me jealous.

  4. Ann, I see primitives written all over your wonderful finds. I, too, found a few primitive treasures at a thrift shop on Monday and again yesterday, best part was the half-off yesterday. I love treasure shopping. Debbie

  5. I like that wooden box. It looks like the kind of box that we used to have to carry our horse brushes etc around. That looks like a great box.

  6. alas, alack, i see nothing but junk when i go, since i have not one creative gene in my body unless it is in photography. when i see something you create i think cool, but i never think of it. so i am thinking you are getting ready for the rustic craft show.

  7. lol Kayla was laughing at me cause I was envisioning things at Michael's when I saw their 70% off section! I love the little carrier thingy too!

  8. I look at stuff like that and see...well just stuff like that :-)

  9. Nice finds Ann...Love the wooden tote! It's going to look great in black. The mugs will make cute pin cushions...I see them filled with a nice bright fabric and some colorful pins. Love your idea for the bowls too!
    I used put (electric) candles into old baskets & bowls and then I filled them with fake Christmas greens and red berries. They made cute little accent lights.
    Sounds like you're having fun with this rustic and prim theme!!

  10. Your thrift store has some cool things - not like the one we have! I was looking for a stool to use at my sewing station ... it's too bad that you are so far away because the one in your last photo looks perfect!

    Also - what software program do you use to make the impressionist brush look? I love that and you picked out some wonderful photo's to 're-create'.

    All the best for a great weekend,

  11. Ten dollars? You got a lot of good stuff!! sandie

  12. "I think of it as......"??Hahaaaa

    Love all the bargains!
    Happy weekend!

  13. You think of it as... Bwahahahahaha. Insert your own thoughts here?

    I think you did very well and as long as you're happy that's all that matters.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. My best to Duke. :)

  14. Nice treasures, Ann...very nice plans for them too!...:)JP

  15. I think the box painted black with canning jars would look great.Isn't pinterest fun.:)

  16. I wish I could do that too! I can't wait to see how you transform these!

  17. I'm like you and just see junk most of the time. I admire people who can look past that. Best of luck with your new goodies!

  18. I can't envision things past what I see so I'll be interested to see how your finds turn into your visions! I wish I could find treasures!

  19. I am thinking that the basket is made out of wild grapevine, which is naturally quite pliable and becomes even more so when soaked in water.

  20. Looks like you found some great finds! Fun!
    xo C

  21. mugs into pin cushion, now that is interesting.


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