Saturday, August 18, 2012

A little of this and a little of that

Happy Saturday everyone. I hope your weekend is off to a great start.

This may be a bit odd after such a cheery opening but I just have to say that I find overly saccharin sweet people to be highly annoying. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a warm smile and a positive outlook but people who have that bouncy, super sweet please and thank  you way of talking is like nails on a chalk board to me.

OK, enough of that. You know I'm on my new creative path to primitive right? Well I have done stupendous at collection ideas and inspiration. I have a pinterest board just for rustic/primitive ideas . With all those ideas collected you would think that I would be in a crafting frenzy now wouldn't you? Well then you would be thinking wrong. I did make those cinnamon coated tea lights that I showed you and I tried out the grubby jar tutorial that I found.
I don't know if I did that exactly right or not but it came out looking pretty grubby to me and I rather like it. Now it just needs a little homespun fabric tied around it and maybe a candle in there and it's good to go.

I had a little supervision while I was taking the picture. Duke is very good at technical advice.

Obviously we have settled our differences and have agreed to share the blog.

Speaking of the blog, I'm still trying to (or at least5 thinking about trying to) change the whole look around here. It may be time to just hang it up and say forget about it.

So the weekend plan is to do our usual Saturday morning running around and then from there it's whatever happens happens.
Duke says that an extra long walk should happen.


  1. When you say "time to hang it up" I'm hoping you mean the blog re-decoration not the blog itself...

  2. Ditto what Grace said!

    Love the jar and I'm glad you and Duke have made up. Happy weekend.

  3. We agree with the first two comments!!! Love the pics of Duke AND I love that purple jar!! Now...I'm going to have to go on a search for the tutorial! It would be perfect for Fall!!

  4. Ann, I LOVE that grubby jar!!! It came out great...Duke thinks so too!!...:)JP

  5. Yea, I agree with them, don't do it! :( Also that jar is pretty cool, how did you do it?? I need some tutorials on here man! lol

  6. I'm glad you and Duke are going to share the blog. I figured that you both were going to come to that conclusion. That's just the way both of you roll.

    I'm not much for the sugary folks either. I always think they are up to something. Just saying.

    Have a terrific Saturday. We are on the boat and will head to Encinal Yacht Club for lunch later this morning. My best to Duke. :)

  7. I cannot stand people who are like that too; it actually feels fake to me and that turns me off. Thankfully I don't see that too often anymore.

  8. Duke makes me smile...I need to follow your inspiration and get stared with some of my craft projects I have planned for fall. I have become a procrastinator.

  9. I think you should definitely take Duke for a long walk. He looks so interested in looking at your display there.

    I love the purple jar. I think it looks cool!

  10. Sounds like a nice long walk would do both you and Duke some good. The purple jar is great. And so is everything else you do. Hope you have a great evening and a better Sunday.

  11. Those kind of people drive me up the wall, too. The grubby jar is great!

  12. I always think the saccharin sweet people are really hiding something so I'm very leary around all that. Pretty skeptical huh? :) I just don't trust them and think they're fake!

    The jar turned out great! I've been seeing what you're pinning and enjoying your board!

    We all hope you aren't going to ditch the blog! We'd miss you and Duke!

  13. I like how you showed how you set up the photo when you showed Duke assisting. I don't take the time to set up my photos and seeing the process makes me think that I can take the extra few minutes to at least make my pics look better.
    Not that a piece of burlap and cute wreath will help my photos but I could still try.

  14. I know what you mean, sometimes those people don't seem sincere.
    Anyway, I hope Duke and you take an extra long walk. He's so adorable in these pics, so perky!

  15. I hope you don't mean me! lol I am a mean green fighting machine!

    So you are not quitting?

    And what is the purple jar going to be?


  16. Oh my, you have to be the most creative person I have ever met! Your sense of style is truly inspiring. How do you manage to keep so many irons in the fire and still do everything so well? (Be assured that I would like to go on for a while longer, but I feel a diabetic coma coming on.)

  17. I really hope you aren't thinking about stopping writing your blog Ann...I would really miss catching up with you.

    Lovely jar....wonderful colours...and I love how Duke has his tongue stuck out in that pic!!

  18. Oh it turned out nice Ann. You had a good adviser.


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