Monday, March 28, 2016

I love comments

I  ♥ comments. Do you know how many times I tried to do that little heart in my title? Well it was only twice but every time I tried to do the heart it published.

But honestly, I do. I really do love comments. You make me happy when you leave me a comment. Sometimes you inspire me to do things and other times you hand me a blog post on a proverbial platter.

Saturday my post entitled Example received the following comment from Sandra 
soooooooo did you get a piece of candy??? what would happen if someone not in the deli/meat ROOMS ate a piece? the spelling is now becoming par for the course any more.. I wonder if they even teach spelling now.. could it be the person who made the sign was suing auto correct??? do they have auto correct on plastic cups? I love the post

And then I got this comment from Anni
 PS....check out and post about this!!!! Sandra's comment. about SUING auto-correct? Should that be USING!!! Awwwwwwww, come on I dare you to post about it. Sandra would love it, I'm sure

 So Sandra, just in case you don't love it, I'm blaming Anni, she dared me :)

Now I don't know about the rest of you but I sort of have a love hate relationship with auto correct. It is kind of nice but then there are times that I send something and realize a word has been auto corrected to something that makes absolutely no sense.  How did we ever survive all those years having to know how to actually spell words?


  1. Not sure what I hit but I will be typing away and bang it is all gone. I hate it when I say those words to a computer and it doesn't even care.

  2. have me rolling!!!
    This is funny, and fun. Yep, Sandra and you both can put the blame on me.

    But what has me rolling on the floor are the TWO comments you left me this morning.

    I now have a story to tell on an upcoming post that I'll write up in a bit and get it published this week. Stay tuned....

  3. The comment thingy is funny isn't it? When I look at how many hits there have been sometimes on a post and find that there is only one or two comments I just wonder why people don't just add a few lines.

  4. Comments are fun to get. And who cares about the spelling. Most of the time we can figure what people meant. You have a great week Ann.

  5. Too funny! Glad you took the dare!


  6. I love your sign, it's great. And we all need comments. How else would we know our readers? And I'm delighted you took the dare...hilarious.

    Have a great day, Ann

  7. I don't have auto-correct. All mistakes are my own.

  8. Funny one.... Suing or Using???? HA HA HA .... Love it....

    I have a mostly HATE relationship with auto-correct --and in fact, have it turned off wherever and whenever I can... If I make a mistake--it's mine and not the stupid auto-correct.... (I'd better read this carefully before posting... ha ha )


  9. Hahaha! Funny! At this time of year, I need auto correct and I don't even care what it changes my words to just as long as I don't have to think of spelling!

  10. I have noticed that when I leave comments on my Fire Table, they often get changed to something I didn't say . . . I hate that.

  11. LOL, yes, auto correct can cause you to leave some pretty embarrassing or silly comments sometimes! I really hate the predictive text, next to impossible to write what you want to say when it keeps trying to guess what you are typing, grrr! Deb xo

  12. I do love it and both you and Anni are Safe from the MADsnapper. for now... pretty clever on the suing using thing. I love comments to.. and I love You.. which is exactly why I keep on blogging. I don't have auto correct but my friends do and sometimes I have really stop and think just what the heck the emails mean.


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