Friday, March 25, 2016

It gets me through the day

Most days at work I am totally bored. Yes, I am busy but it's all very routine. I've been doing it all for so long that I really don't need to think much about what I'm doing.

To help me through the day I keep adding things to my work table. You saw my new friend the donkey and here is the rest of what amuses me

Across the top of the table you'll see my purple dinosaur and the broken egg sitting next to it contains a chasmosaurus. He hatched just before Christmas. Next to them is the acrylic frame that I hang my index cards on. I haven't changed that one in quite a while. I need to make some new ones.

Taped to that shelf are two new signs. I giggled when I wrote the drama one. The notice about not being responsible for something that someone else told you I said came after I got annoyed at hearing someone had misquoted me YET AGAIN. 

Down below that there is a little green lizard. You've seen him before. You may remember the story about him being missing and found in the freezer. 

Oh and the white chocolate chips sitting there in the container. Just so you know I wasn't eating those. They were given to my department because the bag was broken open. I haven't touched them because I do NOT like white chocolate. 

Which do you prefer, white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate?


  1. I would have given anything for chocolate once upon a time but lately my tastes have changes and I don't crave for it any more, don't ask why, just anothe subtle change as I get older. ha ha

  2. I'd prefer the DARK chocolate. But then, the favorite candies in our home are both DARK [Mounds Bars] and MILK [Turtles]

  3. Give me milk chocolate Anything and I'll follow you anywhere!
    I have so much stuff in my office... thinking of doing a purge!
    Old photos etc....

  4. I would try them all, i like milk best

  5. i eat all chocolate but prefer Milk over the other two.. your shelf looks like the desks of all the people who sat around me when i was working. i say what ever keeps you happy while working and i love the two signs. i have to say you print so well i thought they were printed from computer, not hand written.. i do hate it when someone says i said something i did not...

  6. how about a close up shot on a post of that whatever that is in the egg. i would like to see it

  7. I've always thought that 'white chocolate' was something of a misnomer. And it is essentially tasteless - so the point of it is??? Do you leave all your 'things' out all the time or do you put them away when you go home. Considering the folks you work with I would assume they would trash your stuff when you are not there...

  8. I don't like while chocolate either. I like milk chocolate, but if there is a milk chocolate and dark chocolate I'll always go for the dark chocolate.

    I love all your signs. Always.

    Have a fabulous day. Big hug to you and tons of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  9. I would always choose milk chocolate over the others but I will eat them all!
    Great signs and fun things to look at just to make you smile and help you through the day!

  10. I do love those dark Milky Ways! And also your signs are hilarious. I would love to work with someone that has your sense of humor, never did have that when I was in the work place. Did you do lots of Easter baking, everyone was out today at the grocery. Aldi's doesn't have a bakery but there were lots of sweets to buy. Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. What a wonderful sense of humor you have... I'll bet you keep people on their toes when you are around them!!!!! ha ha

    We eat a square of dark chocolate every day --for the magnesium and not the chocolate. IF I could choose chocolate, I'd definitely choose WHITE...


  12. Dinos are great! Dark choc best, then white, milk choc- not so much.

  13. Glad your little lizard is alive and well and hasn't gone on any more walk abouts! I am a dark chocolate gal and totally agree that white 'chocolate' is not chocolate! Deb xo


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