Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm scrapping it

The pictures that is. I decided to take a break from pretending to be a designer and do a few layouts. I browsed through some galleries for inspiration and then came up with a couple that aren't too bad.
I showed you the picture of my grandparents the other day but not in a LO.

Had to do one with these pictures I took yesterday.

You might remember this one, but now it's finished so here it is again.

For anyone that likes my freebies, stay tuned. Even though I'm taking a break from trying to come up with kits and such, everything I use in my layouts, I make myself. So while I'm working on improving my scrapping style, I may be able to put together a couple good freebies too.

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  1. Terrific pages Ann!! I think your a great designer...don't sell yourself short!!
    I've been practising my layout skills recently too, I need to do more I am so rusty.
    The amount of photographs I have taken recently will keep me going in layouts until the next decade, lol!


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