Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just some stuff

Just a bunch of different stuff to share with you tonight.
To show how slow I am at getting around to doing anything with some of my pictures, these were from a car show we stumbled on last May. Yep, these pictures have been sitting around for a year now. We were driving home and spotted this car show and since Wade is a huge fan of classic cars, we pulled over to take a look. As luck would have it, I had my camera with me.

One of my cafe mom groups posted a tutorial for adding rain to your pictures. Along with the tutorial was a challenge, so this is the one that I did.

This was for another challenge in one of my groups. This was a picture I took in a cemetery. Duke and I took a walk through the cemetery the one day. I could not believe all the famous names we spotted. There was Shakespeare, McBeth and George Burns. And for those who believe in religious signs, There was a headstone that read Keep and right next to it was a headstone with the name Church on it. This statue was, as the picture says, a memorial to all the fallen heroes

Another challenge picture. This one was to turn a picture into an oil painting.

Here's a picture I got out on the back deck last weekend. I was chasing a bunch of bumble bees around trying to get a shot but they just wouldn't stay still long enough. This guy perched on my railing long enough for me to get a few good ones.

Then my latest obsession with Dazzling reflections turned the above picture into several different kaleidoscopes.

Finally a picture I threw together using the kaleidoscopes and the original picture.
So that's it for this evening. Hope everyone has a great Friday.

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  1. Uh! Isn't Duke missing from that picture (the bee)Maybe he ran like I told him to.


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