Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I can finally show you

A while back I won a giveaway on Lin's blog for 2 greeting cards. They are from her cousin Tracy who designs great custom greeting cards. You can find her work at Sincerely Yours by Tracy

So I've been wanting to show you the cards but couldn't because one of them was for Amanda and she sometimes reads my blog.
Now that she got the card I can finally show you.
One was for her and the other one was for Wade's birthday. I don't have to worry about him seeing it, he never looks at my blog

Working with Tracy was super easy. I just told her who the cards were for, when I needed them and a little bit about what they liked. She took care of the rest.


  1. Those personalized cards look great!
    I love the cookies on Amanda's card :)

  2. they are perfect for each of them, cool way she did the race cars...your custom cards are beautiful to.

  3. Cute cards! Looks like you're ready to go!

  4. Nice - I have to find (or make myself) some note cards...

  5. Way cool. Cards with a personal touch rocks.

    Have a fabulous day. My best to Duke. ☺

  6. More articles lauding the significance of bacon in the fight against the effects of global warming and the promotion of world peace in general (not to mention exponentially increasing the quality of Sports Illustrated swimsuit editions) just might increase your readership by one.

  7. What great cards! She's very talented! I even know who drove the two cars in the front row when that photo was taken - Dale Jarrett and Kyle Petty! I was a huge DJ fan at the time too!

  8. Special personalized cards... Love them both. Congrats on the win.


  9. These cards looks great, and how nice to get personalised ones :)

  10. Those are terrific. What a good idea. We will have to remember that.

  11. Oh, those are GREAT!!! Isn't she amazing??! (And I mean that even if she is my cousin. :P)

    I had her make a wedding card for me awhile back and it was incredible. The bride told me that she saved it because it was so beautiful!

    I'm glad you enjoyed your cards, Ann. She will be happy to see that you loved them.

  12. So nice to receive a personalised card.

  13. Nice to have beautiful custom cards to give


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