Monday, August 18, 2014

Random Junk

My little disappearing act was totally unintentional. It started with coming home from work last Thursday and hitting the couch as soon as I got in the door. I was so wiped out I slept until dinner time then took naps until it was time to go to bed.
Friday I was filled with far too much energy to sit in front of the computer and it just sort of carried on through the weekend.

During the week, after I finish getting ready for work I have time to sit and have my coffee and read some blogs before I head out the door. Last Friday I grabbed my cup of coffee, sat down at the computer and before I could read one single blog post I clicked on the wrong part of the page and wiped out every single post that was in my news feed. Sorry if you were one of those that I trashed. I really didn't mean to.

Last Friday we also got that cement poured finally. Now the guy who built the deck can come back and finish up that side of the deck. He stopped by Friday evening and said he won't be able to get to it until the end of the week. No biggie. We've waited this long what's a few more days.

Yesterday I baked 2 loaves of zucchini bread and gave one of them to the guy who has been loading us up with zucchini from his garden. I'm going to try out another recipe that someone else told me about. He cooks zucchini with italian sausage, green and red peppers and some tomatoes. Says he lets it simmer for an hour or so.
I've also done zucchini on the grill. I drizzle it with olive oil and sprinkle with assorted spices. YUM!!!

Anyone have any favorite zucchini recipes to share? I still have 5 big zucchini to get rid of.


  1. I don't have a recipe but one of my SIL always makes brownies with zucchini...and they are delicious and ever so moist.

    Maybe you can find a brownie recipe online?

  2. I will have to take a look Ann...I used to have a great recipe for chocolate cake made with moist!

  3. Yum, the zucchini bread sounds great. I once made zucchini-cheese muffins. Just add grated zucchini and cheese (cheddar works best) to your basic muffin recipe (don't use the sugar).

  4. I don't have any recipes but I used to make Zucchini bread and it is great. That sure is a big pile of tires. I push wrong buttons all the time on the computer.

  5. slice the zuchinni in half long ways, sprinkle with olive oil, garlic salt and grated cheese of choice, i used Parmesan and bake for 20 minutes. we love it
    what's with the tires, did you have to get new ones? love the wood pic

  6. 'bout the only way I can get my husband to eat zucchini is pickled - except that it isn't really pickled but it is a pain the patootie to make and there is no recipe that would make any sense if I wrote it down - old family thing, not difficult, just boring to do.

  7. I have some weeks like that too. I remember coming home from work, sitting down, and that was it. I was done for the day.

    Working from home it's not so bad, however, I still find myself having some lazy days here and there. I usually consider those to be my "weekends."

  8. Good for you. Sometimes you just need to sleep and then you feel better the next day. Awesome.

    I don't cook so I can't help you with recipes. Hubby does the cooking and I do the shopping and the clean up.

    Have a fabulous day. My very best to Duke. ♥♥♥

  9. When you're that tired it's a good idea to listen to your body. :)
    I love zucchini bread! Would you like to share your recipe? yum!

  10. Oh gosh...when I saw the tires, I thought you had gotten a flat and been stranded! Do you know you can put a tire or two out front and make a great planter? Paint them any color you want.

  11. Once in awhile we do need that sleep and more sleep.

    All the recipes sound yum, but I always like plain grill zucchini.

  12. Sounds like you got a burst of energy after all of the napping. No recipes for zucchini here. Sorry!

  13. The sleep sounds wonderful - I need some of that too! We haven't had any zucchini this year so I don't have any ideas for that either. I'm not very helpful am I?

  14. Hi Ann, What's with the tires? I thought you were going to say that you had to buy new tires... Hope not --since they are SO expensive these days.

    I don't eat much Zucchini --but love Summer Squash (the yellow kind).. I just cut it up along with a bunch of onions and sometimes green peppers and cook it one of two ways: either boil them all together with some spices; or put some Pam in a skillet and grill/fry all of them. Both ways are good.


  15. nice junk, though. Pre-boil them, slice in half, or thirds if huge, cut a little slice off the edge so they won't roll, and then top with pizza toppings and bake.

  16. Fried zucchini slices, breaded in cornmeal, will cure all that is ailing you!

  17. I just stir fry with butter and salt...yum!!


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