Sunday, November 15, 2015

Crafting with Gibbs

Sorry about no post yesterday but Gibbs and I were in the craft room

Gibbs wanted to show you the materials we were working with. All items were purchases at Dollar Tree. There was actually another garland but I forgot to stick it in the picture. Gibbs says good help is hard to find.

I wrapped the gold garland around the foam wreath and then wrapped it again with another garland. I could have just used the second one but it was only a 9 foot garland and it didn't cover the whole thing well enough. The second garland was gold and white. This picture is way off for color but I was using a lamp for light and it was pretty dark in the room. You get the idea of what it looks like though

I also worked on a few more of the mini clip boards and a few new index cards. This is the card for today


  1. The garland looks great, In the first photo I actually thought Gibbs had got a new chew toy. Gibbs did very well to not eat any of the purchases sat on the floor!!

  2. I know...I know....good help IS hard to find these days. Don't get me started on joining labor unions!!

    You're so cute Gibbs. I'm wondering if you found a girl Gibbs just what I'd need to convince you to ship one of your GIBBlets to me?!!! Don't tell me you' know, that big "N" word and no little Gibblets?

    Okay, 'nough gibber jabber...LOVIN' the wreath. I like sparkle!!!

  3. i have the same secret, bob makes our stuffing.. i have never made stuffing or cooked a turkey and do not intend to start now... the wreathe looks like it has lights, but i am thinking itis the reflection. easy peasy .. you should have a reality show on decorating from the dollar tree

  4. I keep trying to figure out what the dangle in the middle is - it draws my eye...which I guess it's supposed to do, right? I like it.

  5. Love the garland and love the card. We aren't cooking at all this Thanksgiving. We're going on a train ride and having dinner then. It should be most fun.

    Have a fabulous day Ann. Big hugs to you and my very best to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  6. Oh Ann, although I did laugh at your card, it was the message, not the talent behind it...:)JP

  7. Very pretty wreath, great idea to wrap the form with the garland! Love the new index card, everything always tastes better when someone else makes it! Keep up the good work Gibbs keeping Mom in line :O) Deb xo


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