Saturday, November 4, 2017

No use crying over spilled beads

I sat down to make a few more bracelets last night. I finished 3 and on the 4th one I had about 1/2 the beads strung and dropped the end of the cord and beads went rolling all over the place.I figured that was a good place to call it quits. That is after I crawled around on the floor looking for all the stray beads.

I made 2 more with the wood beads then I pulled out a box of glass beads that I had. I finished one with the glass beads and it was when I was working with these blue ones that I had the little accident. I'll try again today to finish it.

Thursday night I decided to make a quick attempt at the paper beads. This was just a quick try and I'm not reall thrilled with the way they look. They also aren't finished since I haven't put the coating on them. I'll need to work on these some more.


  1. You did really well with these beads! This is the kind I have. But mine are a solid color. I have never seen a print, they are so pretty!

  2. My night was not much better.....I dropped the box of spaghetti while cooking supper last night! The cats start rolling the dry noodles around on the floor!
    I look forward to more posts about your bracelets and the paper beads.

  3. Like the paper beads, I always grab a necklace for gifts when i see them

  4. I like glass beads best, these are pretty and the paper does look like a bead. what happens if you have it on and get caught out in a rain storm, will they fall apart? these look like my two watch bands I showed today

  5. Oooh - I think that blue bracelet is going to be real pretty, I like the frosted glass beads...

  6. Crafting can be a hazardous business.

  7. So adventurous making your own beads. I have not tried that! Why go looking for more beads is what I say for me....I have a crap load already! HAHA....I plan on getting back into making jewelry here soon....I love what you have picked to make your beads!

  8. That's the thing with beads, when you drop them they end up everywhere. You'll be finding them for quite some time.

    You are so crafty. I like that about you. That and your sense of humor.

    Have a fabulous day. Big hug to you and tons of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  9. Paper beads have character- they are not all the same.

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