Sunday, April 5, 2009

Do you know the Scrap Professor?

This morning I received an email from one of the scrabbooking lists that I'm on. One of the topics it covered was Scrap professor and their 2ND birthday celebration. I've never seen that site so I decided to check it out and snag the wonderful freebie they are giving away. This is a really awesome kit IMHO. I just loved the colors and all the elements that are included in it. Also right now, through midnight tonight, they are having a sale. Almost everything in the store is only $2.00. I may go back and do some shopping before the day is over.
This is the kit they are giving away.

Anyway, after I downloaded the freebie I decided to sign up for the forum. I've signed up for several in the past but I tend to be a bit brain dead when it comes to forums. I sign up, browse, maybe create a profile, then very rarely return. Why? Because I usually can't figure out how to navigate around. This forum though, seemed to me, to be quite user friendly and I was able to find everything pretty easily. I even managed to upload a picture for my avatar. Something I've always had trouble with on other forums. (Hey I said I'm a brain dead forum After I finished looking around, I noticed I had a new message in my email. It was from Scrap professor. For joining their forum, they send you download links to MORE freebies. I haven't checked them out yet because I wanted to let all of you know about them first. Go check them out, I'm off to download some freebies!

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  1. Hello! My name is Joli and I am co-owner of I happened across this post today and I have to say it REALLY was a nice surprise to see such a great post about us and our site! Thank you so much for your kind words!!!


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