Saturday, April 18, 2009

What a beautiful day it was here in northwestern Pennsylvania. According to my computer it was 71 around 4:00. I've been waiting for this kind of weather. I got outside and actually spotted some signs of spring. It seems like it takes so long to show itself here.
I found this flower in one of my flower beds. They are all in desperate need of attention. There's more weeds than anything else in them right now.

The trees even have buds on them. Yeah!

Oh look at the time. Guess I better think about getting ready to take Duke for his hair cut.

I have daffodils. I'm so excited.

The forsythia are in bloom too

So Duke is back from the groomers. I took a picture of him this morning and one when we got back home. Side by side comparison, does he look like the same dog? Of course he's as cute as can be either way, but, I just love the way he looks after he gets the hair cut. This groomer didn't cut it exactly like the other one did but I think he looks great and this one is closer to home and easier to find. I think we'll be going back.


  1. I love the photos, looks like Spring is finally getting going in your part of the world.
    Duke looks so smart! He is gorgeous either way but the grooming trip has made him look like a really posh little gentleman. If he's anything like won't last!!
    Have a terrific day!!

  2. It is spring isn't it? Your pictures are so beautiful and Duke is as handsome as ever with or without the haircut! Have a great spring Annie.


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