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I'm not one to rush the holidays. I'm a firm believer that you should never start celebrating a holiday before the preceding one has been duly recognized. That is why you will never see a single Christmas ornament come out in my house until after Thanksgiving dinner has been eaten. There is, however, one exception to this rule of mine. It is acceptable to purchase gifts for holidays any time of the year. After all, if you come across the perfect gift at the perfect price why pass it up. It's also never too early to make or buy your Christmas cards.
When I recently read a post on another blog about Shutterfly I decided to check them out.
First I looked at their gift selection and I found a nice selection at very reasonable prices.
I think this Personalized Desk Organizer would be great for Wade's desk with a picture of his granddaughter on it.
I think I should buy myself a gift too and I thought a new travel mug with Duke's picture on it would be a great idea

Who couldn't use a new wall calendar? Even better who wouldn't LOVE a calendar filled with pictures of Duke?

After checking out all the fabulous gift possibilities I went in search of my perfect Christmas card to send out this year. I have a hard time deciding when I only have a couple of choices so I found the huge selection of designs to be a little overwhelming. It took me a while to narrow it down to just a few choices.
I liked Twirling Ribbons and I'm sure Duke would look cute on this one

But then Duke would also look fabulous on Glad Tidings

This one was Duke's choice
Now if I can just make up my mind I'll be ordering my cards. I did receive 25 free cards for doing this post. Best of all if you are a blogger you too can get in on this offer.
If you are a blogger and interested in a chance to receive 25 free cards you can go HERE but hurry because you only have until November 11 to register.


  1. Oh I like those cards. I am sure going to check that out. Duke we like your choice the best. What a pretty doggie. Thanks for this info. I could use 25 free cards. Thanks.

  2. Such a wonderful offer! You look good on that card, Duke!

  3. It's funny that you posted this; Shutterfly was on my list of things to check out (which of course I've already forgotten about five separate times *sigh*).

    I vote - not that you asked - that you use the last one with a photo of the Dukester for your Christmas cards this's a hoot! ;o)

  4. I love shutterfly and have used them for years. i started in 2002 when i got my first digital. but i stopped in 2006 when i retired. now i will go check it out to see what is new. i got a Halloween card with a dog on it yesterday from one of the bloggers and it was from shutterfly. they do a fantastic job of printing, quality paper and quality work and they will adjust the photo if it does not print well so it is always beautiful. i like the last one best.

  5. I think anything would turn out great with Duke in it!
    And thanks for the heads up on the blogger thing.


  6. These are cute items! I wish I knew just How to do the calendar one...Everytime I've tried to do one, I Always screw things up and end up quiting! Grrrr

  7. That was a quick day off :-)

    I love the ideas, my kids "hate me" because I make them take the "Christmas" picture... I am so mean :-)

    antonella :-)

  8. How cute! Yes, Duke is the perfect candidate to grace a Christmas card! Thanks for letting us know about the offer. I haven't used shutterfly before, but Jim has used snapfish a couple of time this year.

  9. One year i did shopping early and then suffered wanting to buy more until the season ended.Not sure what I will be sharing this year, I got a piece of coal last year.

  10. I bought my Christmas cards already from Lisa but I think I had a photo mug made at Shutterfly for my brothers birthday a few years ago..

  11. Duke would be perfect on anything made at Shutterfly! I haven't been to their site in awhile but looks like I need to check it out. Thanks for the info!

  12. I love personal gifts like this..and Duke's face would be the cutest! ;D

  13. What a great offer indeed. Love all the stuff.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. :)

  14. We send out photo greeting cards every Christmas and our doggies are always in the pic with us. And every year I purchase at least one photo calendar.

    I might have to go check out that freebie deal. I have a hard time passing up free, especially when it's something I would be purchasing anyway.
    Thanks for the info Ann!

    No matter what card you choose for Duke it'll be great because he'll make the card adorable! :)

  15. I totally agree with you! My decorations come out Thanksgiving evening, but I get cards and gifts early. These are the kind of cards we got last year, it was an answer to having to put pictures in and sign nearly 100 cards.

  16. I like the ones Duke liked. I used to send out cards, but I have stopped the past two years. I'm glad you got those cards for yourself. You'll make a great one I know.


  17. I like the last card, best!

    ps: My Mommeh just finished that book. It was awesome!

  18. My Christmas shopping gets done on Christmas eve.

  19. Crud. THanks for reminding me that I'm behind on my cards. Ugh.

  20. I am sooooo happy we Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October. That way my decorations can be up mid-November! Ha!

    Looks like you and Duke are all ready for Halloween Ann!

    Shutterfly products ~ very fun!

    xo Catherine

  21. hard choice they look pretty good, thanks for the info

  22. It is good to want to help others.

  23. I think Shutterfly has some wonderful card options. My daughter Katie used them for her cards last year and she will again this year. They have some cute gift ideas too.

    Loved your choices...especially the second one!


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