Friday, August 2, 2013


Someone has been very neglectful around here. Seriously, who cares about all the stuff that's been showing up on this blog.
It's high time for a Duke post

We were out in the front yard on the day this picture was taken. I usually attend to business in the back but we had rain and it was swampy. See that black line across my nose? Well that's my moms leash. I like to hold on to my end even though it's clipped to my collar just to make sure I have a good strong hold of her. You never can tell when she's going to try and run off.
Today she has the day off but she's busy getting ready for the craft show tomorrow. You may not hear from her again until Monday. It all depends on how tired she is when she gets home. I may have to send her right to bed.


  1. Been missing you, Duke! Is that peonies I see back there? Is mom's craft show coming up this weekend? I didn't think it was this soon.

  2. Hi Duke! Let your Mommy know I wish her the best of luck with everything...hope she sells out :)

  3. Hooray, its been too long without Duke, please to see him again.

    Good luck with the show, hope you sell loads.


  4. You look mighty handsome, there, Duke!! And I can understand why you don't want your mom to run off and leave you to open your own Beggin' Strips!!!!

    Tell her, I wish her all the luck on her show this weekend. Hope she sells out.

  5. Hey there sweet thing, been missing you... and I am glad you made Mommy bring you back... hope you don't miss her to much while she is off selling her crafts...i must say the leash across the nose is very attractive on you.

  6. *waves at Duke* Hi ya buddy. Where ya been?

  7. You hold on tight to her Duke -- she may take off after a rabbit. :)

    Good luck at the Craft Fair Ann.

  8. We're glad to see you Duke! Hope you make sure your mom has some fun this weekend so she's not too busy with all her craft show stuffs!

  9. I've always loved your posts Duke. You do very well. I also knew that the leash was for your mom and not you. Little Bit thinks the same way you do.

    Have a woof woof day Duke. My best to your mom. :)

  10. Good Luck with the craft show - I'm betting you will sell out!

  11. Those Mommas! Tricky women!Hahaa
    Take care of her Duke!

  12. Well Duke---you have a HUGE job keeping that woman in line and on a tight leash... Hope you are going to the craft show with her --since you will draw a crowd --and hopefully, they will all buy ALOT from her....

    Good Luck this weekend, Ann.

  13. She can still run off at her age? AMAZING!

  14. Good to hear from you Duke :) be nice to your mom tonight. She has a busy day tomorrow. I hope she sells out:)

  15. I am glad you have you Mom under control, Duke!

  16. Oh Duke,we are so excited to see you. It is about time you were on the blog. And don't let that Mom off leash at any time. Who knows what she might do. Hope all of you have a great week end.

  17. You know Duke, I feel your pain! My mom always seems to have stitching in her hands or she's on this stupid computer. Good thing I'm little because I like to squeeze next to her on the chair while she's stitching.

    These moms and their businesses! Maybe they will buy us something extra with that money they are making.

    Your friend,

  18. It's so good to see you, Duke! Hope your mommy has a blast at the craft show. :)

  19. Let us know how the show went. Great, I hope. I'll be trying your smoothie soon. Trying to eat better and less. I love to Mod Podge most anything not nailed down!

  20. Hi Ann, your little Duke looks so much like my Butchy. I would be lost without his sweet company.
    Love your Christmas ornaments, my favorite is the little angel. I hope you had fun and did well,at your craft show :)
    Thanks for the comment you left. I just want to say that when you get around to trying applique, buy a can of temporary bond spray. It is wonderful. You can precision your fabric, and if it's not exact, you can pick it up and play with it until you have it in the perfect spot. I saw this recommended on a You Tube video ... works great :)
    Have a great week.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  21. You are looking so handsome Duke! Hope your Mom's show went good!


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