Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pymatuning Lake Festival

I know I was supposed to let you know yesterday how the craft show went but I just didn't have the energy to do a post.
Saturday was a 13 hour day and Sunday was a 12 hour day. By the time I got home Sunday I was exhausted. After a night of not sleeping so well Monday was spent being very lazy. I was lucky to have at least unloaded the car.
I've got pictures today to give you a peek at our set up.
Here's my side

The back table was a combination of my stuff and Debbies

Say hi to Debbie while she looks over the table and works on some finishing touches.

The other side of the tent was Debbie's side with a couple of my things thrown in. (I think I was kind of a booth hog.

So what do you think my first sale of the day was?

The first sale was five of those rag wrapped candy canes in the little basket on the left. I sold those for $1 each. Early on in the day a customer bought all three of those jute wrapped tall candles. Those were $3 each and the only ones I made. 

I may or may not get much blogging done this week. It all depends on if I find my energy and can make it through the work week. My final thought for today is I don't want to go back to work today. (SIGH)


  1. I like those cute lamps. You must have stood on your feet forever!! I like the way you displayed your garlands, and I would have thought those would be the first to go!

  2. Hi Ann, just been catching up with things and as always it's a delight to read through your posts....it was good to see a little bit of Duke in them...I miss him when he's not around!!
    You made some wonderful things for the craft show and it sounds like you had a good weekend, (even if it was exhausting!). I loved your 'flood' shots, seems you have been having weather pretty much like ours. When we get really heavy rain we end up with a little river running under our carport!!

    My favourite that you made for the craft show was the 'one of a kind' you posted about on July 30th...did it sell?? I would have bought it if I could have attended the show!!

    Congrats on the quitting smoking!!

    Your smoothie looked lovely but I have to admit to not liking them at all..I love the taste just don't like the textures!!!

  3. You two did well setting it all up to make the items look super! And yes, by knowing you and your blog posts on the craft project, I KNOW your items are super. I would have guessed that the candles were the first to go. Oh well.

    Get your mojo back, and don't work to hard at work. See you when you're up to returning.

  4. Hi Ann! Everything looks terrific and glad your goodies sold well.
    Hope you get to take it easy this week and recover after such a tiring weekend.
    Best wishes

  5. the booths looke good to me. and I am dying to know if the candle holder with the poem about the thread sold.. i thought it would go first. poor baby, sorry you have to work today...

  6. Well both of your items look gorgeous as usual. So I am dying to know if it went well! I know it did. Take it easy and relax this week. Don't worry about blogging. sandie

  7. Your set up looked fabulous! Your prices were so low! Hope you get rested up because I can't wait to hear more about your weekend!

  8. I was wondering how you did. You did a great job with the setup. Way cool.

    Get some rest as you need it.

    Have a fabulous day. My best to Duke. ☺

  9. The most fun thing about the photos is recognizing all of your goodies - we were in on it from the very start - now that is fun! (Were you using that piece of shutter, that was supposed to become a big angel, to hold little angels?)

  10. Your setups are just terrific. It all looks great. Don't blame you for taking a couple of days off. You worked hard on all that. Take care.

  11. I'm with Grace--I liked seeing the things on display that you have shown us in the making. It's a very cute display!

    I would always make a bunch of $1 - $3 items--people don't blink when it comes to buying small items.

    Hope you struck it rich with all your sales!

  12. You made a lot of stuff! I LOVE those candles! I think I would of bought them too!

  13. Your booth looks great and it looks like it was a wonderful day (weather-wise)!
    Shutters are one of my favorite display pieces. Love how you used them!
    Hope you had good sales all weekend!

  14. Wow, it looks like you put on quite a show! I'm glad it went so well.

  15. Hope you sold everything you brought!!!

  16. Your display was very nice...I am sure you got a lot of good feed back. I did one show years ago and it almost killed me :) And I did not have to work following it. I hope you get rested soon.

  17. The photos look great, the booth looks great, and I know I would have bought those candy canes too. What a cute idea!

  18. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous booth with us... You and Debbie had some great things for sale. Hope you both did well...


  19. I love the displays! Oh, I would have snatched up that star made from wooden rulers!

  20. Hi Ann,

    All your things looks so nice. I love those wrapped candles, in the glass. And the wrapped candy canes, you are so creative. Enjoy your day!


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