Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How do you do...odle

Like I said yesterday I had one more doodle that I colored and had ready to post. Good thing too because after I got home from work on Tuesday I was just too whooped to come up with anything new.

My little bird brain told me to doodle a bird house....or two

Now that I think about it I should have doodled a bird. Oh well, maybe another time

I went on a little road trip Monday with a friend and have some pictures to show you from that. Hopefully I'll get my butt in gear and have them ready for tomorrow.


  1. Cute bird houses! Great texture!
    Looking forward to your road trip pics :)

  2. Love the textures you applied. One of these days, when I sit still longer, I am going to learn how to do that...:)JP

  3. Birds would have been nice or a for rent sign too.

  4. looking at the pencil doodle they are not so good, just a doodle, but when you color and texture they turn into real ART... i love how they change... are you doing it all in PS elements?

  5. I love your bird houses. So cute.

    Can't wait to see where you went on your road trip. I love road trips.

    Have a fabulous day my friend. Scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  6. So you doodle on paper then scan it in and then make it all pretty?

  7. Those are so cute! I still can't figure out how you do that!

  8. I love the way you changed the birdhouses from just a simple sketch into something so lovely. Beautiful colors!

  9. You know how much I love birds ---so you have to know that I love your little bird houses... Neat DOODLE.....


  10. I must admit that your bird houses turned out quite well. this will probably encourage you--won't it? Sigh.

  11. Love the texture you added to the birdhouses Ann!


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