Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I forgot to say please

Yesterday for my day off I had a doctors appointment in the morning. This was for one of those gynecological type things that I dread. I haven't had one in probably a decade and when I started with this new doctor he suggested I might want to have that done.

Turns out the nurse practitioner who does them is someone I know. I thought it might be kind of weird but it wasn't. She's very nice and chats through the whole thing. Then we discussed things like my blood pressure which is a little high and the fact that I should be taking vitamin D and calcium. Of course we couldn't end the appointment without mentioning that I really do need to schedule a mammogram.

A quick trip to the store to pick up the vitamins I needed and I was back home playing in my craft room. I thought I had this plaque all finished when I realized I forgot to add the word please

I printed out the other words on the computer but wanted to hand write the word please in between. I remembered my manners, inserted the word and now it's finished.


  1. I love the color and the buttons. So glad you are getting all your tests and getting your health checked!

  2. Great new plaque! Hope all your tests come out fine :)

  3. So glad your doctor's visit went off well Ann

  4. Pretty colors (and I definitely understand the sentiment behind it ;o)
    - Also -
    I'm saying this with love and as a survivor (who was diagnosed at age 40):


  5. Ugh....
    That is one appointment I don't look forward to. But, must be done. Glad you went ahead and took the advice of your doctor. Hope all is well.

    Love the plaque.

  6. good job on getting the dreaded tests done, we all dislike them, but it is a good idea to have them..
    Pleased you added please... i think i may be forgetting to use that word now

  7. It is not any fun to have all those tests. A mammogram is a good idea. Since I had breast cancer, I am all for preventing it. I really like the oolors in that plaque.

  8. I have both of those things this coming fall. Oh joy.

    I love the card. I do that often too.

    Have a fabulous day. Big hug to you and tons of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  9. Glad you are catching up on your health

  10. That is pretty - but I think the 'please' is not necessary LOL

  11. When I'm introverting I don't say please! :) Glad you're getting all your tests done so you can remain healthy!

  12. A necessary check up all the same and you still had fun crafting!

  13. I like the plaque! I avoid those doctor's visits. Congrats on being a big girl and going. Gotta do that....

  14. Great you are getting those tests done! I like your sign. Especially the colors!


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