Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Instead of.

Since this is the last month before we head off to the craft show, instead of waiting till the end of the month to give you my monthly craft report, I'm going to just give you what I make as I make it.

Now, I have quite a few items that have gone through at least one show and haven't sold. My thoughts were to take them and put them in a box marked reduced and sell them really cheap. As I was going through my stuff and deciding what to reduce I had an idea to use some of it to create something new.

I grabbed some rag balls that I was selling for $1 and some grubby candles that I was selling for $2. I also went in to my craft stash and found some baskets, a little wood crate some silk flowers and some moss. Then I started arranging things in baskets.  I did purchase the little scarecrow and squirrel that are in the bottom two pictures. I was at Dollar Tree and thought they were cute and they wouldn't add much cost to the finished basket. The really little basket on the top right just has rag balls and a battery operated candle.


  1. So cute. A craft show, Ann! How exciting!

  2. These would make wonderful rustic centerpieces! Great work, Ann!

  3. these are adorable and a great idea to combine them in to one large item.. looks like you are pretty close to READY for the craft show..

  4. Those are so cute. What a great idea.

    Have a fabulous day Ann. Big hug to you and tons of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  5. What a great idea! These are totally adorable, and I know they will sell! My favorite is the scarecrow one. And since two of them are for fall, and fall is on the way, they should sell in a flash! They are so cute! But I still hope you sow us your table at the show.

  6. I'd certainly buy the one with the scarecrow. Sweet work Ann.

    When IS the craft show?

  7. Cute! I love sunflowers. Good luck with the craft show :)

  8. Cute! Hopefully someone will give them a new home!


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