Monday, September 12, 2016

Fun day

Saturday my friend Debbie and I went out for a fun day. We started out in Edinboro, Pa for the Highland Games and Scottish Festival. Maybe our timing was off but we didn't get to see much. Mostly we saw people standing around practicing their bagpipes.

From there we headed to the Bayfront in Erie, Pa to see the tall ships. We both chose to pass on the steep admission price to gain closer access to the ships. Instead we got some shots of them from a distance and enjoyed the exercise we got from all the walking.

We also got to see the worlds largest rubber duck.
 Craig Samborski, a tall ships festival organizer in Duluth, Minnesota, created the World's Largest Rubber Duck in 2014 after one of his business associates dared him to come up with some kind of inventive attraction to showcase at tall ship and maritime festivals. (source: )

A phone edit of one of my pictures.

After this we headed out for lunch at Eat n Park. When I got home I took care of a few things, then dinner time and by the time I could get around to sitting in front of the computer the weather was turning. We were expecting severe thunderstorms. While it didn't turn out as bad as we thought, it did take out the internet and tv for a bit. I gave up on trying to get a post done.


  1. The rubber duckie is huge and adorable! He would be a good bath toy for an elephant. LOVE your shot of the tall ships! Why pay, when you can still get good photos anyway? My very favorite (aside from the awesome duck) is your beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful, awesome edit of the ships. How did you even do that? Stunning.

  2. Looks like a really nice day out! Great shot of the boats and I love the huge rubber duck :)

  3. What a fun day, with lots of exploring. I like that duck, have a grandson we call Duckie who has accrued a large collection of them.I will have his mom show him this one and I am sure he will want it.

  4. LOVE the phone edit ship.. beautiful. I would have skipped the price of admission to. I would love to visit the Scottish thing.. I do like bagpipes

  5. Well you probably got there at the crack of dawn - Highland Games are lots of fun. Nice edit on the photo - and the giant rubber ducky thing started in Hong Kong or Singapore (or some place like that. I am a rubber ducky fan.

  6. What a fun day with your friend. I enjoy those kinds of days.

    Have a fabulous day Ann. Big hug to you and lots of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  7. That's one huge rubber ducky! Glad you enjoyed a lovely day with your friend!

  8. That sure does sound like a fun day for you. Lots of great things to see.

  9. What a wonderful day you all had.... Sorry you didn't see as much at the Scottish Festival as you wished you could have seen... BUT---seeing those tall ships (even from a distance) would have been a THRILL for my hubby. We rode on one one year in Yorktown, VA --at sunset (on our anniversary)... SO SO SO special.

    Don't you feel so much better now that you are walking and taking good care of yourself? People don't realize how much more energy they would have if they would just change their lifestyle a bit... Proud of you.


  10. Looks like a fabulous day. I love bagpipes...never grow tired of listening to them. And the ships...WOW! I think you are better off seeing them from a distance, no?

  11. Oh fun! The way you edited the ship picture is beautiful!

  12. I bet listening to the Bag Pipes was fun. Loved the Tall Ships, I agree sometimes these places charge so much to see the attractions. That rubber ducky was huge and cute.


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