Monday, February 20, 2017

All in a days work

Saturday when I was off I went out and got new shoes for work. I used to buy cheap ones because they get ruined pretty quick with grease spots while I'm frying donuts. I can no longer wear cheap shoes when I'm on my feet all day long. I pay the extra price for the sake of my feet, back and legs. In an attempt to try and keep them from getting ruined the first day out I protected them with coffee filters while I was doing donuts. Notice the left one already has grease spots on it. My shoes stayed clean though.

Aside from my regular work yesterday I also had two cakes to do. The first one, the customer wanted to know if I could draw water with a boat and fish in the water. I told her I could but it would pretty much look like a kids drawing. So then she asked if I could put an actual photo on the cake that she had.  I taped aluminum foil to the back of the picture since I didn't know if the frosting would seep through the photo paper. It worked out pretty good. That's one ugly fish in the picture.

The second one they just asked for bright colors of my choosing. I chose yellow.  Apparently Uga is what the grandkids call the lady having the birthday.


  1. Great job on the cakes! I'd be afraid to do custom requests...

  2. Love the cakes. I was thinking you could put plastic overshoes on like they do at crime scenes but then realised that you would probably slip on the floor. Do they make paper one's I wonder they would be perfect.

  3. I agree that good, supportive shoes are a must. You did a great job on the cakes. I especially like the cheerful yellow!

  4. I would think good supportive shoes for work would be a must! They have paper booties, depending on how much they cost, they might be an option but the coffee filters were a clever idea. I marvel at your cake decorating skills, and your beautiful handwriting - with icing no less!

  5. How about a box of those paper shoes they wear in the operating rooms or to go in quartine.. I googled paper overshoes and found on ebay 100 for 2.19 and 9.99 for 100 on another place. the surgeons wear them.
    that fish is not something I would want on my cake but whatever they want is what you do. I like the yellow one. Yellow is a happy color.

  6. Good shoes make all the difference in the world. This winter I have been going around in my house slippers too much . . . and they don't have the good support that my tennis shoes have. Some days, just getting out of the slippers helps my back feel better. Fresh fried donuts, Yum! I like your shoe protectors, you are so clever :)

  7. we house hunting we slip our shoes off or slip shoe covers on our shoes. neat little covers with elastic.
    that is one ugly fish!! lol love the yellow roses so perfect for a grandma. :) do you do the writing on the cake as well? it's pretty handwriting.
    happy Monday to you!!

  8. I can't do cheap shoes anymore either. My body revolts when I do. I can so relate. I love your idea with the coffee filters. You'll have a fix down in no time.

    I love the cakes, but that fish is scary.

    Have a fabulous day off, Ann. Big hug to you and lots of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  9. never seen coffee filters used like that, only you!LOL

  10. LOVE the coffee filter thingy tip! Wouldn't have thought of it!
    You did good on those cakes!

  11. That was a very clever idea to use the filters over your new shoes!
    An ugly fish but bright spring like decorations on the second cake!

  12. Yeah that fish was weird. Yellow is a cheery color.

  13. Great idea on on the coffee filters. Love the cakes!

  14. The fish cake turned out very well! I think Sandra has a wonderful idea! But yours is very clever, I would never have thought of it, not in a million years! And it is kind of cute, too. Well, VERY cute! They look like fancy decorated baker's shoes.

  15. My concern with the booties is the slip and fall likelihood. Can you tell I hang with the safety guy at work? I am surprised that you don't have a safety shoe allowance at your work. Don't you need non-slip shoes??

    The cakes are GREAT! I can only imagine what crazy requests you get there. The fish is weird...but funny.

  16. Stylish shoes....saran wrap taped over the top...around the shoe [tape around the entire shoe]

    Pretty icing on the cakes!

  17. Oh yeah, you need comfy and supportive shoes for sure! You even made the cake with that ugly fish look good!

  18. The cakes came out great Ann! I am thinking that name might be a nickname of grandson calls his grandmother, Oma. It is Ukrainian.

    I can't do the cheap shoes either. With Rheumatoid Arthritis, there is nothing comfortable. No matter how much they cost. It is awful. Great idea on the coffee filters!


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