Monday, April 17, 2017

An Easter craft for me

I showed you the Easter crafts I did to give to other people but I didn't show you one I made for myself.

I took a short wood candle holder and a cheap plastic egg

and turned it in to this. You might recognize this from yesterday's post.

I started by gluing strips of torn book pages on to the egg to cover it. Then I lightly dabbed on some blue paint. I glued on the trim and finished it with the butterfly.
The candle holder was painted with chalk paint, sanded a bit to distress a bit and then finished it off with an antique wax.
I bought the chalk paints and wax sealer a while back and have been wanting to try them just didn't know what to use them on. I have to say that I really like the way it looked and now I want to find something else to use them on.

Here's a side by side before and after


  1. It's gorgeous! You can make anything look beautiful.

  2. I love anything with butterflies and this is so pretty! Awesome job and creativity. At one of the homes we lived in, a lady covered some wooden columns with a type of "wallpaper" that she tore to apply - giving the appearance of marble when finished!

  3. That is so cute and I love the butterfly!!!

  4. I was wondering if Sunday's creation was one of yours...all that work!

  5. it really is beautiful and can be left out year round, does not have to be brought out as an Easter decorations. it is ART like those expensive eggs people collect

  6. this is fantastic! man, you're so talented! I'm sure there's more to come soon. :)

  7. You have that magical touch . . . all trash turns to treasure in your hands :)

  8. Wow, that turned from blah to wow in no time. You're so very talented.

    Have a fabulous day off, Ann. Big hug to you and lots of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  9. Cute!! I am crafter and have been since I was a young girl. I wanted to take some of my plastic eggs and cover them in strips of newspaper but I never got my Easter stuff unpacked. Yep....I am bad. With the fibro flaring I put a lot of things of hold. Today though I think I will try to get something done. Love the craft idea. You did a great job.

  10. Ann,
    You are so gifted! I love them! I hope you had a great Easter!

    And, have a wonderful day today!


  11. That's quite a transformation! You're amazing!

  12. OH My Goodness... I LOVE LOVE LOVE that one.... You are just so darn talented... Why don't you share some of that talent with ME?????


  13. You away amaze me .. I would have never guessed that started as a plastic egg.

    Hope you had a good Easter ... K


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