Wednesday, June 28, 2017

All in a days work

(These donuts are not from the store I work at. I forgot to take a picture so this picture came from

Yesterday morning they paged our department saying there was a call for bakery on line 1. I answered the phone and this was the conversation

Me: Good morning bakery, this is Ann speaking
Customer: Do you have a lot of donuts left
Me: yes
Customer: Could you set aside a dozen for me? I'll be in in about a half hour.
Me: There's quite a few there and we haven't been that busy so there will still be plenty left
Customer: I know but they're for work and I want to make sure I get what I want.
Me What kind would you like?
Customer: Do you have any sugar twists?
Me: I don't really know, I can't see the trays from where I'm standing.
Customer: They've done this for me before
Me: I'm not saying I won't do it, I'm just saying I can't tell what's on the trays from here.
Customer: Well can't you go out and look?
Me" (biting my tongue) hold on
Me: Ok, so what did you want
Customer: I want 6 sugar twists
Me: I'm sorry we don't have any of those left
Customer: Do you have plain glazed.
Me;  No we only have the glazed with coconut
Customer: I thought you said you had a lot left.
Me: We do have quite a few but just not those. We have white cream filled, raspberry, lemon, apple, cinnamon rolls, croissants and cake donuts
Customer; Give me 4 white cream and 2 bavarian
Me; we don't have any bavarian just the white

She finished giving me what she wanted and we said good bye.

Now I will admit I was a tad short with her but only because she was a bit snippy with me and this whole thing could have been avoided by calling and ordering them the day before.

Any way about 15 minutes later one of the managers came back to tell me she called and complained and said that I treated her so badly she didn't even want to go back there to pick them up. They told her if she still wanted them they would have them waiting at the front of the store for her.

I'm normally very nice and polite to customers but this lady just really pushed me past my limit.


  1. I would have felt the same way! This woman really was TOO much! Poor social judgement for sure.

  2. Oh well, you can't please everyone. She was probably stressed but a bit much reporting you.

  3. I would have had the very same reaction based on what you describe! Some people are just plain rude!

  4. I have never called the day I wanted them, always put the order in to have it ready when I wanted it. I have had people push my buttons to. sorry she called the boss... things like this are soooo frustrating..

  5. I know one can order a cake at a supermarket bakery but donuts? I can hear her snippy voice in my head - she didn't want to go to the bakery section to pick them up because she knew she was a jerk-wad.

  6. Well bless her heart. There is one unhappy person right there. Order what you want ahead of time and this isn't a problem.

    Have a much better day today. Big hug to you and tons of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  7. I'll have the ones in each corner my favorite place for kohlaches, one must arrive before 9am

  8. Oh lordy. It's probably a good thing she didn't come back to the bakery. What a pain in the patooty!

  9. That is so frustrating! She was too pushy and not very nice at all. If it was that important, she should have made prior arrangements. She tried to make her mistake your problem!

  10. I didn't think you were rude or anything! Some people just like to make something out of nothing. Boo on her!

  11. It's usually those customers who don't show up to claim what you have put aside for them. And then you have lost sales in the meantime. Ugh.

    I've been there too...and yes, it is maddening. People think they are special because their moms have told them they are. I know who the jerk is...and it ain't you.

  12. Sometimes things just happen. Maybe she should have been in a little better mood.

  13. Sorry about that but I would have been short with her too!


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