Sunday, June 4, 2017

My apologies

I know I told you that when I came back I would have all kinds of stuff to show you but it didn't happen. I had to settle for taking pictures in my yard and that was pretty boring.

I did however buy  myself a spiffy new pair of cheap sunglasses. They were kind of fun and crazy looking and totally out of character. They kind of match match my fitbit band so I'll be walking in style now.

Then some artsy fun of me modeling my new shades.

I would show you the original picture but I think there is something wrong with my camera. It put all kinds of old lady wrinkles on my face. Maybe I have a defective lens.


  1. I love them! Is that your house and yard reflected in them? So cool!

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  3. I love your fun glasses and the photo edits you created.

  4. wow, I have that same lens on my camera, my phone, my tablet and my laptop. these are fun glasses and so is the photo in them. love the edit.... keep on snapping

  5. I have one of those defective lens also. It's on my granddaughter's phone and when she tried to take a selfie with me, my wrinkles are suddenly 6 inches deep. I've tried leaning forward and sideways and back...nothing works. I'm just old , so I guess I will have to live with my wrinkles. Love your shade- those are cute!

  6. I have a mirror like that, it must have something wrong with it as like you it makes me look cracked like a piece of old ming china, lol
    I usually take my glasses off and take another look, ah.....that's better, no lines just the old me. lol

  7. Part of the fun of sunglasses is that they can (and should) be as crazy as possible. Funny thing about your camera lens - the mirrors in my house have the same defect!

  8. Somethings we can't change, and wrinkles is one of them. It is not my camera's fault I have them, but old age in my case.

  9. Yep... you know it is time for a new camera when the one you have shows wrinkles and dark spots! That is why I normally avoid cameras, I think they all must be broken! haha...LOVE, Love, Love the new sunglasses! They are so awesome. Mine are not that colorful since mine have my nearsighted lens in them. Bet you look like a fox wearing those! Way to go Ann....have a great day.

  10. Fantastic glasses. Great picture with them reflecting the Nothing wrong with a few wrinkles, just shows character. Have a great day Ann.

  11. Love the sunglasses! I think I have the same problem with my camera! I should have it looked at!!!

  12. I would love a pair of these, but in pink. It would match my hat.

    Have a fabulous day. Big hug to you and tons of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  13. Mom said her camera is defective like that too. No matter which one she has gone and it those wrinkles in there!

  14. Have you tried taking your photo in snapchat? The filters are VERY forgiving and kind to old bones. I know this by experience.

    LOVE the new glasses!

  15. Nice shades, Ann! Really cool. Hope you and Amanda had a great day together.

  16. Well those are spiffy glasses and I like that creative photo Ann. So glad to see your still blogging .
    When I got locked out of my blog years back I got frustrated with it all and went to Instagram ,
    but have missed all my old bloggie friends.
    Honey Bee ( ha ha) is doing some blogging now ,
    so I figured it was my chance to pop in and say "Hello" to old friends.
    Good to see you.
    Hugs ,


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