Friday, October 15, 2021

Disappointed and dicouraged

 First the disappointment. When I ordered the fire tablet I also ordered a Bluetooth keyboard case. That item shipped separate and was supposed to arrive yesterday. When it didn't I went to track the package to see where it was. 

First I see this

Well that was annoying so  I did further investigating and found this

So on Sunday it was in California and on Monday they sent it back to Amazon? But why? I suppose I'll wait to see if there is a credit on my card before I try and order anything else. That just really ticked me off.

Now for the discouraged part. 
When I first started tracking my weight after beginning the slim fast, the first two weeks I was perfectly satisfied with my progress. The third week was a struggle and this week I started off being up from Saturday then it was two days up one day down a bit and then back up again. I'm ready to give up. I don't do well when I don't see progress.


Ginny Hartzler said...

I bet it got damaged in the shipping process and had to be sent back! That is the only good reason I can think of! I hate to see you give up, it does need persistance. But you don't seem overweight to me anyway.

Hootin' Anni said...

In my opinion your weight is darned close to ideal. But good luck with whatever you decide.
As for the package ...that is frustrating. And, not surprising either. In this case tracking is proof if you have any problems with refund.

MadSnapper said...

i had this happen to me once, a damaged parcel, what i don't understand is why they don't just say parcel damaged, will resend to you click here to say you want it reordered, then we have fedx who has now delivered 3 of my packages to the wrong address, and the person who gets them waits 3 to 5 days to bring them. the only thing that comes fed x, is something from Home depot. and the others are coming from my free pharmacy insurance over the counter. they are pestereing me to get my RX from them. no i will not, fed x is the worst of all deliveries here. it takes several days to hit your charge, i returned flood lights and it has been 4 days since they processed it and not showing yet. you weight gain could be water weight, from eating something salty, or you could be on the plateau of eating the same thing over and over. drinking 2 meals doesn't give your body enough fiber to work like it should, try eating a small breakfast of lunch and have one shake, shakes are not a healthy way to lose and the minute you stop your weight will return. love from your own personal TOPS leader

Rose said...

Oh, Ann, I am in the middle of a fedex experience myself...I had an order that was supposed to be delivered yesterday. They came by here then turned around and went down Miller street and up.annalley and stopped like they got put to.deliver something. My view was blocked so I could not see..I would have bet money it was mine. But kept watching to see if it ever came up as delivered. Now it says delivery pending! FedEx in our area has one guy that seems to try to take pride in his job.. otherwise they are terrible. They delivered a sewing machine a neighbor, and that neighbor claimed they did not receive it. Had to have a new one shipped. It was a kid and we saw him head down Miller street and Roger even ran out and waved both his arms...but he kept going. And also it was a signed delivery and someone signed my name...him I suppose.

I have no comment on the weight..well not on what to do.about it as i.font ever even attempt one.

Grace said...

Oy with Amazon and deliveries. I have coffee on a 'subscription' delivery schedule sometimes it gets shipped and delivered from a local Amazon warehouse but the last time it shipped, via the US Post Office from Colorado, and it never got here. It took over two weeks before Amazon would admit that it was "lost in transit" and refunded my money. As convenient as Amazon may seem to be they don't always have the best price nor are name brand items actually the name brand, I just ordered some "Hanes" t-shirts and they weren't most definitely NOT Hanes brand nor were they the model of t-shirt I ordered.

Try looking at Best Buy or even Walmart for computer accessories.

As for weight loss, understand that once past menopause losing weight is harder and takes longer, also your weight fluctuates from day to day, and as a nurse told me recently, your "weight" can fluctuate depending on what time of day you weigh yourself and whether or not you've pooped or pee'ed. She said poop and pee can add up to 3 pounds to your weight. Plus if you are close to a weight your body likes then you will 'plateau' before dropping any more weight.

Cynthia said...

Amazon and Fed-Ex can be real pains in the you-know-what. I hate depending on them.

Sandee said...

Sorry your order was sent back. Sometimes things happen. I know you'll get it sorted out.

Don't give up. I stay the same weight and go up and down too, but eventually I drop another pound or so. It's working. Patience.

Have a fabulous day off tomorrow, Ann. Big hug to you and lots of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

Beside a babbling brook... said...

That package shipment is very confusing.....

But best get one, sooooon. So many items are backed up, on shipping vessels, not being unloaded at port, because of lack of workers.

Our whole economy are being effected. But that's what "The Powers That Be" want.

Knock the country down. then rebuild it, in the *delightful* Socialist Marxist Model, the "Wokes" and the POwers That Be, desire. >:-(((((

They are not shy about it. They have told us. But how many are listening?

"Let's go Brandon"


Beside a babbling brook... said...

When we begin any process (like losing weight), we have to be doing it for us. We make a conscious decision, that losing the weight, will be good for us. And then we set our concentration, on doing it.

Checking weight too often, or allowing ourselves to have to have "Instant Gratification", like progressive accomplishment, just doesn't work.

We did not put the weight on, in a few weeks.

We can not expect to take it off, in a few weeks.

Determination, for the long haul, in needed.

Determination, for a permanent life change, is needed.


That's what I like about Tom Brady (quarterback for Buccaneers). His life shows determination. In what he eats. In how he exercises. In everything.


Vid Digger said...

Ann, what happened to you yesterday should've happened to us! Instead of our Zalando order being sent back because of damage enroute, our post delivered it like everything was ok! Maybe because it was clothes, so they assumed it wasn't a big deal that the box was crushed. Luckly for everyone, specially us, nothing was damaged!

Vid Digger said...

Weightwise, I just do what I can, but don't worry about slacking off. I just love German food too much to worry about a few pounds!

CheerfulMonk said...

About Amazon, I’ve have good luck using their chat robot. If it can’t fix the problem it gives you to a person. FedEx has delivered my packages to a downstairs neighbor twice and marked it delivered. I’ve learned to check.

Customer service is getting worse at lot of places. Andy phoned one company this morning and they said all agents were busy and hung up. A new low.

Watching the scale can be demotivating. It’s best to eat a healthy diet that will eventually lead to weight loss and feel good that you are doing it. Give yourself gold stars every day you do it. And find non-food ways of putting comfort and joy in your life. Good luck! It’s hard at first.

Sandi said...

Could it be related to the ships stuck in harbors?

Jeanette said...

Oh that is frustrating! I bet the package was damaged but why they couldn't just return it to Amazon and ship another one is beyond me!

Catherine - Mixed Media Artist said...

Have you checked your BMI that will show you if your weight is on target? I was really worried recently that I'd lost to much weight, since I was sick and found actually I was inside the good weight range.

I would give up, but one small lot of the slimming drink - especially as at some point you've going to have to eat "real food" - rather I would go for portion control - and eat a good round diet. Cut back on things "you know you shouldn't eat" but don't go cold turkey - take it bit by bit.

Find a simple exercise routine you can do bit by bit at home, using your body weight as the key tool. Or buy some stretchy bands that fitness folk use.

And don't weigh every day - that's not fair on you, or food intake and even your body mindset. I would go for a "one day a week" ... and if you need to tweak the food intake, than just do without for a week...

The Feminine Energy said...

Your body must like where your weight is now, Ann. Just think... your body is saying "You're perfect, darling. Why lose anymore?" :-) ~Andrea xoxoxo PS~ I don't know why that happens with Amazon but it happens to me too, on occasion. I don't think it's Amazon's problem... it's UPS or whatever. I don't understand it at all.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That's crazy that it ended up here in California. I understand your frustration with the dieting. I feel that way too. We have to keep trying. My daughter lost 30 pounds since we saw her in May!! I know that I had two diets that have worked for me. Low carb worked great. I had dropped about 40 pounds. Then little by little you start to eat carbs again!!! Another diet I did was called "The Weight Down Workshop." It was something through church. First you don't eat until you have stomach hunger. It took 28 hours for that to happen to me. Then you only eat when you are hungry, just like a baby crying, and you eat half of what you would normally eat. Again I had lost about 40 pounds. Of course the pounds came back when I stopped each diet.

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