Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I wasted the morning and made a friend

I'm on vacation this week and I am totally wasting the days away. Unlike most people with fabulous, or at least fun travel destinations, I spend my vacation at home. Rather than ruin the whole vacation feel with things like housework, I choose to do pretty much nothing. I suppose technically nothing would be incorrect however. While I may not be physically active I did give my imagination a work out. I made a friend. Of course this is not a living breathing friend, but she won't ever tell my secrets and she challenged me to keep on going and finish what I started.
I present to you my new friend:

How many of you are rolling your eyes right now and wondering if I have been spiking my diet coke with rum? Hmmm? So maybe I have gone over the edge here but I had fun doing it. She definitely needs some more work. She has no feet other than that heart shaped black blob beneath her legs and I'm afraid that her hands would be totally useless should she ever need to use them. Worst of all she has no name.
I wonder if I should make her a boyfriend?


  1. Oh do make her a boyfriend. I need to open my own graphics program and play a little.

    But, for now I am going to take a nap! I am still working on adding you to my favorites.

    I have no clue what is up but every time I try...they say they are experiencing technical problems!

    Enjoy your little break. I know I am going to!

  2. i absolutely love her! i also think that she should have a companion, don't know if it should be a boyfriend or not, but something. you are very creative.

  3. I think doing nothing while you're staying at home is nice. That's usually the time when I come up with the best creative ideas!
    Obviously so are you :)

  4. Perfect vacation plans! I really like your new friend.

  5. Jackie, I was having problems with blogger too, for awhile I could not see any followers at all on anyone's blog, had to restart my computer and then everything was fine

    PJ good thought, companion yes maybe I should have said just friend and left the boy part out. Being a flat one dimensional female is bad enough why complicate it by getting her involved with a I think maybe a cute little kitty is a better option.

    Thanks Duni and Buggys I feel better about being lazy now :)

  6. Ewwww....a kitty is a great idea!! I can't wait. It was on my end...I cleared and all is fine!!

    Happy day!!:-)

  7. so cute! your day wasn't wasted by any means! a pet, ok ... boyfriend, nah. JMO

  8. I think she's Wonderful!! And her name is....?? Yes to the boy-friend! Fun thing to do...Sweet night to you sweetie!!hughugs

  9. She's terrific and so is your talent! Yeah, go for the boyfriend or no, then she won't have time for you. (LOL)

  10. you did a GREAT job making a new friend! :) hmm, now to name her! hehe Have a FANTASTIC day!!

  11. Are you still on vacation? Or, are you drawing away making her new friend? I have tagged you with the 37 question meme.

    Please don't feel pressured to do it. But, it was easier than I thought and sort of fun after I got started.

    Hey at the very least you got some linky love out of it.


  12. Have a great rest Ann, how's the coke taste with rum? :)

  13. What a great gal!! I'm with digivickie and make a pet, not a boyfriend. Happy vacation and get some rum for your coke! My vacation starts in 3 hours and 3 minutes..yippee!!


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