Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What is it and how do I get rid of it?

Do you know what this is?

This awful dreaded creature along with many of his annoying relatives vacations every year in my kitchen and I can't stand them. Say hello to Drosophila melanogaster. You may know him by his nick name, fruit fly. As I said, every summer, these guys have a field day in my kitchen. I'm not quite sure what it is that I have in there that is attracting them so but I can't stand them. They hang out by my kitchen sink and fly all around while I'm trying to do dishes. I discovered one thing that helps get rid of them and it's cheap and easy. All you need is some vinegar and dish soap. I take a shallow dish and fill it half way with vinegar then add a couple drops of dish soap and leave it sitting out. They are attracted to the vinegar and when they land in the dish they die. Of course you end up with a really gross dish full of vinegar and dead bugs but they wash down the sink quite nicely.
I can't believe I even did a scrapbook layout of these nasty guys.

You'll pardon me if I don't offer a free template with this
Have a great day everyone and may the fruit flys stay away from your house.


  1. There are things you can buy that don't look as ugly as a dish of vinegar. Here's a link:,40733,40734

    I've used these with great success.

  2. These little flies love torturing me. I'm gonna try the vinegar and dish soap thing. It has to be better than bug spray that poisons me as well. I made myself sick spraying so much of the stuff one time. I get obsessed with killing fruit flies because they seem to love landing on me.

  3. EW GROSS! I love that you did a little scrapbook of fruit flies. HA! We don't get those around here, luckily, but it's nice to know how to get rid of them.

  4. I also hate those pesky fruit flies!
    Cute post:)

  5. Yuk!! they sound aweful Ann. I hope they don't hang out in your kitchen for too long. It serves them right if they come to a soggy end!!
    Great made me smile!

  6. Oh my I have a problem with them occasionally but nothing like what you are describing. Oh it would drive me nuts too!!

    I always have them though it seems whenever I have fruit in my kitchen on a regular basis!!

    Hey thanks for dropping in the other day!! I have missed everyone so much!! But I just told my daughter that I couldn't talk on the phone tonight and took time to visit friends!!


  7. Ann I just realized that I did not have you on my blog roll. Nor have I favored you....please consider it done!!:-)

  8. Consider yourself pardoned! I wonder if it works for the common housefly

  9. You'll like this solution:
    Drink 7/8's of a bottle of wine.
    Leave the open bottle with the remaining wine on the counter. Every so often shake the wine bottle and drown the buggers that are licking the inside of the bottle! (Just remember ya can't suck down the last of the wine...) A dark colored bottle makes it a bit more attractive!

  10. I know this sounds crazy, but just try this... I promise it works!

    Take a zip lock sandwich bag, put 2 pennies in it, fill it half way with water and tack it up to a corner wall, it's best to put one in each corner of the room or you can just put one in each entry way.

    Flies have multiple eyes and the light that is reflected from the water bouncing all around, is like a horrible disco ball to a fly. They don't like to enter into high risk areas and find this a high risk area because they can't focus on threats as much because of all the disco ball activity going on.

    So it honestly works, but you have to give this long drawn out explanation for your crazy new decor!


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