Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Monday

I'm definitely not a fan of Monday's. Back to the daily grind is never fun. But, since I'm not independently wealthy and have to work for a living, I'll just have to deal with them.
So over the weekend I played with my camera a little.
You're probably wondering what this thing is. I took a piece of black card stock and with my handy dandy craft punches, punched out a few shapes. Then, I guess because I was bored, (which is why I did this whole thing) I held the card stock up to the lens of my camera and started taking pictures.

This is just one of them. I actually thought it was kind of cute. Fitting too, because Duke is pretty much the star around here.

Then I went outside with my trusty garden gloves and started pulling some weeds. (I really did pull weeds) My flower beds have been suffering horribly the last couple of years. I've neglected them so badly. I decided when I was done pulling weeds that the gloves would make a great picture.

The truth about the gloves is that I've had them for years and yesterday was actually the first time I've ever used them.
In the afternoon we went to Conneaut Lake Park for a free concert. They're holding them every Sunday afternoon through the summer. These guys did a ZZ tops tribute. They were pretty good.

Here's a pic I took of one of the rides.
Still no new freebies for you, I promise I will get one up soon though. I do have one started.


  1. Love your pictures, especially the punched 'frame' - experimenting produces some amazing surprizes, doesn't it!

  2. Hi Ann! I love the photos and the idea of using the shaped hole of the card ...brilliant!! I think I'll give that one a try.
    Have a wonderful day and don't work too hard.

  3. luv the punch out board, great idea!
    "necessity is the mother of all invention" they say (the necessity to not be bored)


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