Thursday, July 16, 2009

Send Chocolate

Today I'm just going to share some recent edits I did. Each has a before and after picture. None of these started out with anything specific in mind. I just opened them up and started playing.

When I got to this point with this picture I thought it looked like there was a tiger in the I liked it so I called it finished and named it Tiger in the grass.

Another stunning work of photography (NOT)

But it made for a pretty cool edit.

As much as I would like to let Duke run free in the yard, I just can't do it. Maybe some day a fenced in yard for him will be in the budget, but for now, the chain.

and the edit.
By now you may be wondering why the title of this post is "Send Chocolate". If you've noticed, lately all my edits and layouts seem to be on the darkish side. I haven't done anything recently that even resembles bright and cheery. It can only mean one thing. I have a chocolate deficiency. So for the sake of pastel hues and sunny shades of primary colors, SEND ME CHOCOLATE.


  1. Great editing effects! I should try this on my photos :)

    Mine is vanilla deficiency :p

  2. Emergency chocolate coming your way...wel...virtual chocolate!!
    I love the edits they are really stunning. Great work!

  3. I like to play too. The tiger in the grass is REALLY cool!

  4. This was done brilliantly, dont know much about photography, unless it is to press the button. Well done, love it!
    If you would consider x linking to my site I would appreciate it, please let me know if you are keen.


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