Saturday, January 5, 2013

Suggestions and Frustration

I'll start by asking for suggestions. You may recall (or not) the rolled book page wreath I made. I ended up hanging it on the wall instead of the door. I liked it so much that I've decided that I want to keep it on the wall.

The only thing is if I'm going to have it hanging here all year long I don't want one with Christmas ornaments in the center. So I'm asking for suggestions on what to put in the center instead of the ornaments.

Now for the frustration part of my post. Firefox has decided that I can no longer open my reader or my blog at all. Internet explorer has made the decision that I can open both of those but if I want to do a blog post it will have to be without pictures from my computer. Yesterday I used Live Writer to do my post but I really don't like it at all so today I downloaded Google Chrome. If all of that isn't enough to annoy and irritate me, my email has decided that since I chose to start reading my mail from my kindle it will no longer allow me to access it on my computer. If I didn't love my techie gadgets so much I swear one or more of them would be flying out the window right now


  1. Hi Ann and A Happy New Year to you!
    You know, I think I'd take the opportunity to put something from each season in the middle of the wreath! Carnival is coming up...then Easter...then summer...etc! It's a great wreath!

  2. Oh my gosh the trouble you are having. All I can think of are ornaments,maybe non-Christmas colored ones that match your decor. Or hey, what about some really pretty artificial flowers of some kind, that would actually be beautiful and you would have a lot of different kinds and colors to choose from.

  3. Yes, you could change the flowers to be seasonal.

  4. Seasonal flowers...or perhaps seashells? I know Michaels has several different varieties. I'm sorry you are having so much trouble with your computer these is annoying!! Have you done any clean up work out your cache...or running a virus scan? Perhaps that could be part of the problem. Check out ccleaner...great tool! You can download it on

  5. Beautiful wreath - it would look great with any decoration - I agree with the above to change the decoration depending on the season. It's a hassle to keep all the gadgets synced, not experiencing much trouble with the Mac's. Hope you will get it sorted.
    Enjoy your weekend.


  6. I hope you get the tech stuff sorted soon. I am having problems too.
    Perhaps a nice photo would make a good centrepiece for the wreath?

  7. I really love your rolled paper wreath. You might like to make paper flowers for the center and add a big ribbon?
    I'm sorry about the Firefox issues.
    I daren't download Chrome - there seem to be many complaints about it...

  8. Love the book page wreath too... maybe wrap little Styrofoam balls with a neutral color yarn. It would add texture.

    I switched to Google Chrome a long time ago because of issues with Firefox. It was so frustrating.

  9. I love the ideas of either a vintage looking photos, or the neutral colored, yarn wrapped balls. Can't wait to see the changes.

    As for the electronics all hurts my brain!

  10. small pine cones? shells? flowers? go to Michales and wander til you see something you like, or to the thrift store and wander and look for something for the center. don't you just love how creative i am?
    i have IE, Firefox and Chrome. i LOVE CHOME and can't stand to use the other two, but i keep them for back ups. for the past 3 days Chrome on desk top freezes and will not work, it will open a few pages, the lock up and i have to close and start over, the Chrome on laptop works perfectly, and they are synced so it makes no sense... i am with you, the gadgets sometimes i want to throw them in the deep end of the pool.

  11. Such a beautiful wreath it is...if you like the vintage look put in a vintage ornament or photo. You can always insert Duke's photo there too!!
    I use google chrome for blogging as being a google platform its more compatible!!

  12. Is there some way you can change ornaments for each season/and or holiday. Like soon, it'll be Valentine's Day? Find something at the Dollar Store that is heart themed? Or for Autumn...fall colors/flowers/ornaments? Heck, you could even add a Dog theme once in a while..y'know, for Duke's sake!!

    As for your computer frustrations. Have you checked all your browser preferences? I have no idea what's going on. Sorry, not much help.

  13. I haven't a clue about the wreath -

    But there has to be some reason for your devices to be acting so wonky - it is to be expected with anything microsoft. I see no reason for there to be a problem with Firefox - either you need to update to the latest version or there is something blocking - virus check, anyone? If you are using your ISP's email program then you can always call their tech dept to find out why you have a problem or, if you have email addresses on different platforms download Thunderbird and have all your emails in one program...

  14. The ladies here have such wonderful ideas! The first thing I thought of was buttons. I do like the idea of changing it per season. Maybe flowers for spring, seashells for summer, pine cones for fall and your ornaments for winter. This is probably my favorite craft you have made! I LOVE IT!!! You have to take these to your craft shows.:)

  15. Duke hasn't had any bacon in a while--has he?

  16. Your wreath is gorgeous, I too would want to keep it up all year. It would look cute with baubles that weren`t traditionally associated with Christmas (and they should be reduced in the sales!) Maybe have them match your decor. I also like the idea of buttons and yarn wrapped Styrofoam balls. Whatever you choose it will I`m sure be stunning as all your makes are. Jille xx

  17. I don't know what to do about your frustrations, but it's probably something to do with the settings in your browser. If there is a help feature that may help.

    I love the season idea for the wreath. Easter, or spring, summer and fall. That would rock and then some. You have to show us the pictures though. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. My best to my buddy Duke. :)

  18. May I suggest Safari? I believe that it is a free download from Apple and works on PC platforms in addition to macs. It's what I use and it has been completely trouble free for almost 2 years. Make sure you download the version for Windows. Just google a search for the appropriate link.

    I adore your wreath. Yes, there are alternatives to the shiny balls in the center. I have two examples pinned on my Pinterest board:

  19. I did get a chuckle out of your troubles which seems to be from having so many ways to do emails etc. Thank COD, all I have is my computer. Maybe, you just need to download Firefox again. I like the idea of the sea shells in the middles of your paper.

  20. Cute wreath! You can put hearts, flowers, leaves, Easter eggs, dogs, cats, anything in there! I bet anything you put in there will look cute!

    I use Chrome and haven't had any issues so hopefully you'll not have any more issues either. Sorry about all the other technological problems too!

  21. hearts, easter eggs, pumpkins, red & blue stars, tiny blocks of wood painted like books.

    I hear you on the computer stuff. My desktop has decided it won't connect to the internet. Verizon tech support can't figure out why. That's the computer that is connected to my printer. It is a real problem. Good luck.

  22. The joys of technology... you hate it as much as you love it :-)

    I agree with some of the other suggestions, don't permanently attach the center so that you can change it to be "season appropriate"

    Good Luck! I am going to have to make a new post and see if I have the same trouble you have been having...

    Antonella :-)

  23. I agree with everyone else abot going seasonal with your lovely paper design.

    I saw a lady in the post office with a paper fan made like that. It looks just like what you have cut in half. I fell in love with it.

    I can totally empathize with you today in the technology field. My email, Yahoo....decidd to start acting up this week. For two days I had to sign in every single time...even if I hadn't closed the browser.

    As for Firefox I noticed the other day they have a new version for download. This is probably why you had problems with it. You need to DL the newer version. I decided to delete mine as I am a Chrome user.

    I am late getting here today because my satellite provider decided to do an up date today. They did right after I went through a system restore trying to get rid of a bug my s-i-l picked up while he was here.

    He downloaded a free zip program for me and didn't un-check the Search Us toolbar dl. I have been trying all week to get rid of Search Us. It took over everything!!

    Anyway I did finally get rid of it and in the process lost a file that Windows needed....grrr....get the picture....between Search Us, Windows, Yahoo and my satellite company I was clueless!!

    Finally around 3 pm I was able to access the internet and now I am playing catch up.

    I hope it gets better for both of us! I love the wreath and I still hope you make some embroidered things for sale next Christmas!

    Happy weekend Ann...thanks for letting me vent! ♥ Hugs ♥

  24. That saps the fun out of everything! Sorry you are having such trouble. I was going to say go seasonal too like everyone else.

  25. Oh Ann I see some sunflowers there. And all that techie stuff - that scares me - no firefox - google - and chrome - I wonder if we are all going to experience that? Good luck to you friend. sandie


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