Monday, March 25, 2013

Meet my other friends Monday

Welcome to this weeks addition of Meet my other friends Monday. The friends that are featured in this post appear in no particular order. I've started with bloggers who have visible email addresses. Once I work through those I will begin contacting others through the comment section on your blog. You could be next

This week's guest is Donna from Made in Heaven. I believe that I met Donna through the Brenda Photo Challenge. She is one of those warm welcoming, fun loving people who instantly make you feel at home. While she may not admit to it, she does have a talent for photography as is evident by the gorgeous pictures she shares of her lovely family. Enough from me, lets see what Donna has to say.

1. How long have you been blogging and what made you start?
I began my entry into the blogging world in 2007 quite by accident. I had lost my Mom in 1996 and my Dad in 2002 and had always wished that there were more memories of them that not only I, but
my children and grandchildren, had access to, also. All I had left were my Mom and Dad’s war time love letters and my memories of them both. Boy, how wonderful it would have been
if blogging had been available to them! One day I came across a web link to something called, Blogs. I didn't know what that was so I delved deeper into the subject. Wonders upon wonders, here was a medium that I could sink my teeth online ability to journal one’s memories! Online...Forever! I didn’t have the opportunity to read words typed by my parents but dadgum it, my kids and grandkids would. So it began, for me.

2. What is one piece of advice that you would give to new bloggers.
I have four things that may help you.
Number One... Don’t try to push yourself to blog on a daily basis! I did that when I first started out and believe just can’t keep up the pace! Three of four times a week is plenty. I believe I’m now down to a couple a times a week. That way, you’ll have more to say than just, “Hi and I did Nothing today!” Trust me...I’ve done that more than once. Can you say Boring?
Number two...Do NOT use Word Verification! Most bloggers absolutely hate it and instead of trying to type in words and numbers we usually can’t see...we just leave. Sorry, but that’s the truth of it.
Number three...IF you like someone’s blog, follow them and leave a comment. Say something to them! They don’t bite. I have found more lovely people around the world to visit with just by saying hello.
Number four...Just Be Yourself. Remember why you started blogging in the first place and run with it!

3. Do you have any hobbies or special talents?
Well let’s see...hobbies...I like photography but that announcement does NOT mean I’m good at it! But I try. Sometimes I get a great shot and sometimes I don’t. It’s all good. I can also carry seven bags of groceries
up to the back door while juggling my keys to find the correct one to insert into the lock! I’m getting good at it to!

4. Of course you love all the blogs you visit but share a link to one of those and tell us why we should check it out.
Oh my...Houston, we have a problem! I know a lot of wonderful bloggers out there and this is SO difficult to answer with just one link! Let’s do it this way...Donna at Cottage Days is really into travel and photography.
I “met” her a number of years ago while I was randomly perusing blogs. She’s a Sweetheart. She and her husband are professional photographers and I just simply love her. Want to ask her a techie question? Guess what! She actually answers you!Hahaaaa.....You really need to go visit her beautiful blog and while you’re there, say hello to Marty the bunny blog greeter.

5. What is the one thing that totally makes you crazy?
People not taking care of their pets...Hey Ann!!!! ONLY ONE THING???? REALLY??Hahahaaaa

6. Give one random thought.
Gheez...I could sure use a nice hot peach turnover topped with vanilla ice cream about now....


  1. I LOVE her advice to new bloggers,perfect!!! I will pop over and have a look.

  2. Nice meet Donna! wow, she's been blogging for a long time! I agree with not trying to force yourself to blog. Happy blogging :)

  3. she sounds like she has a wonderful sense of humor, and that always pulls me in... and me to on the only one thing that makes me crazy? also agree with the one she said.

  4. She can have my share of peach turnover. Like you with peas, I do NOT like cooked, hot peaches in a crust. Ewwwwww. Slimy. LOL [but fresh or frozen peaches, well...that's a whole 'nother scenario. Love 'em]

    Okay, I'm off to visit with your Monday's child. Isn't Monday's child full of grace? Oh, never mind, I'm off to visit a new blogger...thanks to you.

  5. Another lovely friend you are introducing us to. And her #5 is spot on!

    I will go visit her now.

    Have a happy week Ann!
    xo Catherine

  6. Her advice to new bloggers is perfect. I will go over and say hello. sandie

  7. Number 5 is spot on. I agree and I would love to get my hands on those clods that mistreat our precious babies.

    I love number 6 too and now it's stuck in my head.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. ☺

  8. Oh my, Miz Donna is a treasure and has become such a dear friend over the years! She found my blog very shortly after I started it and has always been a faithful commenter and blogging cheerleader! And how sweet of her to recommend my little corner on the web. She is a sweetheart through and through. If I ever make it to TX on a traveling adventure, her place is going to be on the itinerary, that's for sure!

  9. Great post, Ann---and Donna seems like a really nice person. Her advice to Bloggers is GREAT... AND I love the other Donna's blog also...


  10. I look forward to visiting her blog.

  11. I like her advice for bloggers--good stuff there.

    Going there now...

  12. I'm right on board with the last thought! A peach turnover sounds mighty good right now. It was great to meet Donna she sounds like a fun lady!

  13. Her advice is excellent! I'm wanting a peach turnover now too!

  14. Ahhhh, what fun! Thank you for making new introductions for us all, and thank you Donna for your obvious wit and warm charm - hopping over for more! :)

  15. Great advice! I agree with #5!!!

  16. One of my first friends along with you, a lovely person to know


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