Saturday, March 16, 2013

No such luck

Last weekend we had beautiful weather with temperatures reaching 70. No such luck this weekend.

Last weekend Duke was out inspecting the yard.

The bird bath has finally tipped over which is always a sign that spring is getting close.

Our yard gets pretty wet so when the ground starts thawing out and warming up the bird bath ends up tipping over. That's why I say it's a sure sign that spring is right around the corner.

But, this weekend, it looks and feels like winter. I guess the only thing we'll be inspecting is the backs of our eye lids and the couch.


  1. Totally strange weather, but Spring is Wednesday!!! Feel free to tell Duke.

  2. Hi Ann!

    Our weather has been quite up and down here in the Denver area. It was 70 degrees today but I still ahve snow on my front lawn. Spring is comig .. wehave to be patient!

  3. If SOME people were more attentive, they just might catch rival gangs of squirrels taking turns tipping over and straightening back up that bird bath to spite the other. Since, it is rarely seen straightened back up, it is rather obvious which gang has become the most dominant during daylight hours. We learned that at the last neighborhood watch seminar, which is another thing SOME people should pay more attention to. Just sayin'...

  4. It's always lovely when the spring is on its way. Hope it will dry out there soon. enjoy your weekend.

  5. We're already getting the early Spring temps here in Texas...It'll be between 84 and 90 here today...
    It's on the way Girl!

  6. With below zero temps here, winter has definitely returned...

  7. Spring is coming around the bend. We're just going to get some teasing first, LOL. Hope you get to spend some cuddle time with Mr. Duke on the couch!

  8. It's spring here. It's beautiful. There isn't a cloud in the sky. There is a very light breeze and we're on our boat enjoying our morning coffee.

    We are off to Encinal Yacht Club in about two hours to meet a couple for lunch.

    Have a terrific day honey. My best to Duke. :)

  9. We are waiting for more's like living in Seattle lately - but better than *S*...

  10. We have a spring weekend here for sure... Windows are opened and it is supposed to get up to 70 here today... Hope you get some of this weather SOON. Duke will LOVE it --and so will YOU.

  11. Last week was winter-ish for us and today is summer! Hang on - it will change. sandie

  12. We had a one day taste, but back to the cold for a bit.Bulbs are peeking over at my farm.

  13. LOL...Bud always says that "just checking out the back of my eyelids" when I ask him if he's sleeping. LOL

    That Duke is so precious. I always enjoy when you post photos of the royal dog of PA!!

    Glad the bird bath falls over BEFORE he goes out checking the yard out.

  14. ps...had to leave a comment in your previous post too.

  15. We will be in the 80's for at least a week here. It's getting too hot too fast here. Crazy weather!


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