Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Slow down

Duke, can you say hello to all your blog friends?

Duke, come back. It will only take a second to say hello. Everyone loves you ya know.

Duke!!! Slow down and PLEASE say hello.

"Oh, hello"

Duke, you really need to slow down, you move too fast.


  1. I always loved S&G!!! Hmmm, maybe he could use a few Doggie Downers.

  2. well, HELLO there sweetie pie... so glad you slowed down in that last shot, although you are a beautiful blast of fast air in the other two...

  3. LOVE that song. Now I'm gonna be singing it the rest of the day--I'm sure my co-workers will thank you. ;)

    No worries, Duke--I've been running like that for months now. It's not fun.

  4. Hi Duke :) That's a funny little toy you've got there!

  5. Great intro to one of my favorite songs!

  6. There you are Duke. Handsome as ever.

    I love the video too. I so remember that one.

    Have a terrific day. My best to Duke. ☺

  7. Oh My... Now I'll be singing that song ALL day long!!!! Love it!

    Cute post. Duke is adorable.

  8. One of my fav songs - just happy as can be...The 59th Street Bridge Song - (I realize that most people refer to the song as 'Feeling Groovy" but that is the secondary title, just like the 59th Street Bridge is officially the Queensborough Bridge...no one actually calls it that...)

  9. When you have a ratty chew toy tormenting you, taking time to exchange pleasantries can come later.

  10. Just like my grands on skype :)

  11. I know all so well those little white blurs on pictures... but Duke I have to say you are one handsome westie boy.

    Have a great day ... Katie

  12. Awww...That Duke is one busy fellow Momma!!Hahaa


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