Tuesday, October 15, 2013

To blog or not to blog, that is the question

And the second question would be if I do, then what the heck do I blog about.
 I suppose I could tell you about my trip to Shaker Woods on Saturday but there really isn't anything to tell. We went, it was fun, I spent money.
I could show you pictures of the latest completed projects, or any number of unfinished ones but I don't have pictures of them.
I could tell you how I've been incredibly busy cleaning my house top to bottom but my parents taught me not to lie.
I believe I will ponder these question for another day and maybe by tomorrow I will have the answer.


  1. bwahahaha! And you know that whatever you write about it...we will all be here to read about it!! Have a great day Ann!

  2. Yep I am of that frame of mind a lot too but please keep posting as we enjoy hearing from you!

  3. Hi Anne
    I completely understand your dilemma.
    I often get thoroughly fed up with blogging and think I will pack it all up. I think folks must get fed up with seeing crochet, patchwork and pictures of walks and like you I'm not sure what else to blog about.
    I don't like to put my family on too much and I am wary about giving too much away about myself. It's difficult. I think the answer may lie in just maybe posting once a week or something.
    I know one thing, I would miss your posts as they are always so imaginative and creative.
    Just post when you like, don't give up altogether is my advice.

  4. Dear Ann yes we do all go through that phase..hang in there!!

  5. You blog, we come! no matter what it is about and this one made laugh so that is a good thing...i for one never get tired of whatever you post.

  6. There is always something funny about getting NAKED in the store...seen any stuff like that lately that you can blog about?!! Oh Ann, you don't know just how many times I think of YOU when I see Naked on the shelves now.

    Gosh, but that really reads like some sick SOB lurking in the aisles, doesn't it? Don't call the cops...I'm normal. Honest.

  7. Take a break and post when you have something to say. I'm sort of like that now--with the kids gone, we aren't doing as much and I'm sorta boring. Maybe Boring Bloggers is gonna be the next cool thing?!

  8. Does this mean 'shaker woods' isn't actually a wood?? Bow there's a post for you!!

  9. Re-thinking, re-making ourselves - seems to be a rash of that going around - and that is a good thing. Personally I thoroughly enjoy reading about your projects and seeing them. Since I don't think that way and have no such skills, it is always a marvel to me. I might not always like them but I ALWAYS ADMIRE your skill and creativity.

    I bet there are more work stories to be told - I always liked those too...


    Blog when and what you want - that is what I have decided to do.
    Read you who want and who you can.

    This has to be fun - you know what I mean?

    I hope this helped... you okay???

    Hey what is the breed of dog is Duke?

    Love, sandie

  11. You know Duke will always blog for you and he does such a fine job of it too. I'm just saying.

    Have a fabulous day. My best to Duke. :)

  12. Honey Chile---I've told you before and I'll say it again --since I have been blogging since 2006, that you NEED to take time off when you have blog-block---or feel as if you have nothing to say... I take more and more time off these days--and it really helps me.


  13. Sometimes it is really hard to think of things to blog about. I am lucky in that I have sooooooooo many animals to blog about. But you always seem to come up with something Ann. Take care.

  14. We love reading about your crafts and Duke and there's probably funny stories about donuts there somewhere. Whatever you like to talk about, we like to read about!

  15. do what you can girlfriend! :) we are here, well sometimes I'm not. lol, but I try to be. :)

  16. Love Duke's photo in the header. :)

  17. Love the new header and the background! And I always like to see pics of the stuff you make or buy, and... you had me going for a minute there with the housecleaning!!!

  18. I'm sure you'll find something to blog about, but it is also ok to take a break every now and then ^_^
    Enjoy your day

  19. whatever you post I read. Love the new header. Wish I know how to do it.


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