Thursday, December 17, 2015

Two for one

I gave you a break from my index cards yesterday so today you get two.

This one is the one I hung on Wednesday

The hat actually hangs over the edge of the card on this one. That's why I'm getting the extra black lines that you see there. I borrowed the cat image from the internet and then I borrowed a clip art santa hat to glue on the cat.

This is the one that goes up today. Gibbs helped with this one. I had the poem printed and cut then I dropped it on the floor. I rescued it from his mouth before he did too much damage. He didn't attempt to bite me this time. I think he was afraid he would get put in jail again.


  1. Very funny, you are enjoying the holiday

  2. Of course I'm partial to Sandy Claws. But the poetry on the other one is precious.

    Both very darned cute.

  3. There you go, putting another smile on my face :)

  4. me thinks I spies slobber smears on the poem, but that makes it cuter and funnier to. keep them coming and i know the work place is enjoying them as much as we are

  5. Those are two great cards. That cat one with the hat is fantastic. What fun to have two cards today.

  6. I love them both. Too cute and tell Gibbs I'm glad he didn't try the bitey thing again. Good for him.

    Have a terrific day Ann. Big hug to you and my very best to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  7. Those are great!

    What is with Gibbs and biting? Criminy.

  8. The little lad picks his battles and bids his time.

  9. Lovin' them Both!Hahaaa
    Happy weekend sweet lady!


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