Monday, February 15, 2016

She cracks me up

Friday night I got a text from my daughter that cracked me up. The following is our text conversation

Amanda: Hey umm so wtf... I just found out that braunschweiger is liver!! I used to like it too...until yesterday that is

Me: Roflmao

Amanda:  Horses ass lol

Me: (inserted little smiley face sticking it's tongue out)

Me: So how did you find out?

Amanda: Ppl at work were talking about what we all liked and disliked and this kid said he didn't like it. I said Ohhh I like that and he says um you know that's liver right?! I'm like ewww omg I don't like it anymore!!

Me:  Lol that is just totally  cracking me up

Amanda:  Yeah laugh it up now old lady...your nursing home just downgraded 

Amanda:  Lol

Me:  rofl


  1. Typical! I have the same types of text convos with my daughter! Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. typical mother daughter conversation about liver. lol Kyle teasing me about my future nursing least he admits he'll be paying for it. lol
    hope you have a great day! we're getting little snow/sleet. :(

  3. I can add to this hilarious textersation... i have never even heard of braunschweiger so of course did not know it is liver. but i do like liver and onions but only if cooked by my mother...

  4. That is funny - especially the part about the nursing home, something all parents should keep in mind.

  5. The downgraded nursing home probably serves liver!

  6. Love those kind of goofy text conversations with my daughter, too!

  7. Bwahahahahahahaha. That's a great one. I love her downgrade comment the best.

    Will you ask her how she liked something and then doesn't like something because of an ingredient. I'm just asking.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and my very best to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  8. LMAO I always liked braunsweiger too. I like it with miracle whip on bread and sometimes will even eat a couple plain slices. I do NOT however like LIVER. I found out that's exactly what it was about 15 years ago, and while I don't eat much of it anymore, there are times when I have a craving for it. But I cannot THINK about what it is, or I gag.

  9. I get threats from my kids about "shady acres". If they follow through they are going to surprised because I have already planned my revenge.

  10. Sticking my tongue out big time...gagging...I hate liver!...:)JP

  11. Your daughter made my day, now I have to share your post with my daughter with the same name. lol Thanks for the laugh!

  12. MMMM, chopped liver. I had a tarantula that liked it.

  13. That's funny! At least she's still going to help you get to a nursing home even if it's been downgraded! :)

  14. She is looking more and more like you, too.

  15. That is funny. Reminded me of my cousins who wouldn't eat Asparagus because their mom didn't like it. They had never tasted it.


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