Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The hidden truth

The other day when I was getting something out of the cupboard I noticed my shadow on the wall. OMG, What is that growing out of the top of my head?

I had my readers on top of my head and they must have magnified the antennae that apparently are growing out of the top of my head.   
Not seeing what I'm talking about? Here I drew circles around them.

In an unrelated OOPS moment. I was all set to sit down and make several of those scarecrow tea light pins on Sunday. I did one and got everything set up to make a new one. I pushed the button to start sewing and a horrible noise and an error message saying that the safety device had been activated. The needle was bent and stuck in the machine.  After a moment of panic I got out the book which didn't tell me a whole lot. I started cutting away the material that the needle was in. Once I had that off I started slowly taking things apart. I finally got the needle out, cleaned everything up and put it all back together. I held my breath and turned the power on. Someone liked me that day. It was all working fine and no damage done other than the junk needle and cut away fabric. Of course my momentum for making pins was totally gone.


  1. The politicians of this country, depending on the Nov. 8th outcome, will either deport you or welcome you with open arms....being that you're alien with antenna now!! LOL

    Oh heck, at least you had the gumption to begin the pin project...I probably wouldn't have gone that far.

  2. Good for you to get that needle all fixed. Well done. Hope that doesn't happen again.

  3. Surely you would have known if you were a fairy by now. LOL

  4. that is almost as bad as getting an error on my computer. LOL... glad you could fix it. at least you have one more done.. glad that needle did not get in your finger, that happened to my mother and to my grandmother mannnnny moooons ago

  5. I thought you had grown horns for a moment! Wonder if the type of fabric caused the accident? You were calm and collected and fixed it! I would expect nothing less from an expert crafter like yourself...

  6. I love shadow photos. Once you said what the antennae were I saw it right away - nifty pic.

  7. You're too nice to have horns or antennae. I'm just saying.

    Yikes on the scare.

    Have a fabulous day Ann. Big hug to you and tons of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  8. I'm sure that those antennas on your head helped you FIX the machine...... You must be a genius..... Good Girl!!!!


  9. Butterflies have antennae...so not all things with antennae are "bad"

    Glad you got the machine fixed. Whew!

  10. Thank goodness your machine was OK!! Heehee the picture is so funny - I would of never noticed something like that.


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