Saturday, October 15, 2016

Till the cows come home

I did a whole lot of procrastinating about putting together a blog post. I considered skipping it altogether and then as I was perusing the archives it hit me.

If I didn't get a move on you would all be waiting until the cows come home for a post.

Now I couldn't have that so I got busy and threw this together

This picture is from 2008. Driving down a back road I pulled over to take pictures of these cows. They were very friendly and all came over to the fence to see what I was up to.

I did a search to try and find out where the phrase "until the cows come home" came from. This is from Wiktionary

Possibly from the fact that cattle let out to pasture may be only expected to return for milking the next morning; thus, for example, a party that goes on “until the cows come home” is a very long one.

Alternatively, the phrase may have a Scottish origin,[1] and may derive from the fact that cattle in the Highlands are put out to graze on the common where grass is plentiful. They stay out for months before scarcity of food causes them to find their way home in the autumn for feeding.


  1. That is a good phrase. It does take some time for the cows to come home. Great pictures.

  2. I have used that phrase my whole life, and used it a lot.. so did my parents... I LOVE the cow with his leg up peeking at you over his shoulder. glad you found them in your archive dive

  3. I use the phrase a lot and never knew its origin.I also have the uncanny ability to call them and get them to follow me anywhere.

  4. These are very healthy happy looking cows, just like the ones my dad used to rear on our small farm!

  5. They are so sweet looking. I have used that phrase many times.....

  6. I was sleeping when the cows came home this morning. I went to be early and slept in.

    Have a fabulous day off.

    Big hug to you and tons of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  7. LOVE your phrase origin explanation! I think I will put it on our prayer line. You got really good pictures! And yes, cows are usually very curious. I am glad you decided to post. Because with my friends like you, who post every day, I worry when they skip a post. Are they sick? Is everything alright?

  8. Great pic Ann, I can relate to the first origin of the saying as my Great Uncle used to put the cows out to pasture many moons ago!

  9. Funny how we use these sayings without stopping to think what they mean or where they originated, thanks for the info! Deb xo


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