Thursday, May 18, 2017

For me?

I told you that I had to work mother's day, which was ok. Not a big deal. When I got home I heard from my daughter. She said happy mother's day but she wouldn't be over because she wasn't feeling well and didn't want to get me sick. No problemo. I can just chill on the couch for the evening.

Tuesday she came over to give me my gift. She's such a good girl.

This is what she brought me and it was wrapped so fancy in a white Walmart bag. I taught her how to do things with style.

I had put a box of those perfect for 1 brownie in a mug mixes in her Easter basket and she said they were really good. Can't wait to try them out.

Love the mug. It's a Pioneer Woman mug. I love the look of her stuff. This is a really big mug too, just the way I like them. 


  1. beautiful mug, I like a lot of Pioneer woman things that I see on line. it was worth the wait, now your next day off you can eat brownies and drink coffee and enjoy your MOTHERS Day...any day is mothers day

  2. What nice gifts. Anything chocolate is always good. Have a good day.

  3. The mug is so pretty - I love PW items. I will have to try the brownie in a mug! My little neighbor's favorite candy is KitKat (I confess it is one of my favs too!)

  4. What great gifts from your daughter. I too love Pioneer Woman. Beautiful mug.

    Have a fabulous day, Ann. Big hug to you and tons of scritches to Gibbs. ♥♥♥

  5. O.K., I am now planning a weekend trip to Wal-Mart! These are the perfect gifts. Yes, I love all the Pioneer Woman's things, they are all beautiful. Hmmm, I may have to pick up a few...especially if they are on sale! I have not tried the brownie for one, you will have to let us know how it tasted. I have been eyeballing the mini Kit Kats in the stores, they are perfect for my diet!

  6. That mug is beautiful. - Glad she didn't want you getting sick.

  7. What a thoughtful gift! I love Kit Kat :)

  8. Hey Cutie, Even if you had to work on Mother's Day, it seems as if you did have a great day...

    The gifts from your daughter are wonderful... She knows what her Mama likes, doesn't she?

    Love that cup ---and your coffee or any hot drink will taste really good in that cup.


  9. Great mug. Loving the design and colors. And CHOCOLATE....can't go wrong with chocolate!

  10. I had no idea there were brownies in a mug! Uh oh! The mug is very pretty! I like big ole mugs too. Amanda did a really good job!

  11. Cute mug! Maybe you can fit 2 brownies in there for an extra treat! :)

  12. I haven't seen those mug brownies. I just may have to try them. Love the Pioneer Woman's mug. So do they sell products of hers at Walmart?


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